Master Specializations

Specialization in Sustainable Management and Policy

Why is sustainability important for management and policy? Forward-looking firms, public authorities, civil society, and international institutions need to develop creative, market-based solutions to address environmental challenges, social injustice, and poverty with an ecosystemic approach. This specialization focuses on management and policy mechanisms to provide you with the methods and tools to design our environment in a sustainable manner.

Become a responsible business leader. Through this specialization, you will learn to understand how business leaders, managers, and public authorities affect our environment and society, and how to take on these leadership positions. This inter-systemic knowledge makes you highly employable in businesses which want to implement green business practices and sustainable strategies. You will also be equipped to advise on sustainable transitions like switching from non-renewable to renewable energy resources or Smart Cities looking for expertise in participatory governance.

Expand your knowledge in human-environmental systems, European policy, sustainable business development, environmental ethics, and social entrepreneurship.

The specialization in Sustainable Management & Policy requires the completion of 15 ECTS, which must be completed with:

Any from the following:


No more than one from the following:

  • Sustainability in Real Estate
  • The Sharing Economy

All courses are 3 ECTS. This specialization may be taken by all MBA and MSc students. Courses are subject to change and may vary year to year.