New Austrian Tourism Grant

Date: 10/November/2023

Modul University Vienna, with over 100 years of educational excellence in tourism and hospitality, now introduces the Austrian Tourism Grant to help promote university studies in Austria.

What does the Austrian Tourism Grant entail?

The grant provides a 25% tuition fee reduction per year for both the 3-year BBA Tourism and Hospitality Management as well as in the 4-year BBA Tourism, Hotel Management and Operations. This translates to considerable savings of €12,000 for the 3-year program and €16,000 for the 4-year program!

Who is eligible?

The grant is exclusively designed for students within the Austrian Tourism market. To be eligible, students need to be residing in Austria or have a diploma from an Austrian high school.

Special benefits for students from tourism high schools 

In addition to the Austrian Tourism grant, Modul University has enhanced its credit transfer model, enabling graduates from tourism high schools to transfer up to 58 ECTS (program-specific for BBA) at a rate of €150 per ECTS.

For more information about the Austrian Tourism grant, tourism transfer credits and the BBA programs, please contact the Modul University recruiting team at

Important Notes about the Austrian Tourism Grant

  • The grant is exclusively for residents of Austria or graduates of Austrian high schools.
  • For students who select the 1 year study path in New York in the 4-year BBA, the grant only applies for the semesters spent in Vienna.
  • The Tourism grant is valid only for applicants with a signed and returned study contract by January 15th (spring semester) or August 15th (fall semester).
  • The Grant will be split over 6 equal installments for the 3-year BBA and over 8 installments for the 4-year BBA. 
  • The Austrian Tourism grant cannot be combined with other reductions, grants, or scholarships.
  • Credit transfer courses will be evaluated individually, with a maximum of 38 ECTS for the 3-year BBA and 58 ECTS for the 4-year program being eligible.

What are the differences between the 4-year BBA Tourism, Hotel Management and Operations and 3-year BBA Tourism and Hospitality Management?

BBA Tourism, Hotel Management and Operations

The 4-year BBA program is specifically designed for those students with career aspirations in the international hotel industry. The program offers an additional year of study during which the focus is placed on operational aspects of the industry, including practical training in kitchen and service operations. This program also offers a global study option:

  • You can study 3 years in Vienna, at Modul University, and 1 year in New York City, at New York City College of Technology. The practical courses will be undertaken throughout the year spent in New York. Your studies will take place across two vibrant and globally diverse campuses: one nestled in Vienna's 19th district, renowned for its vineyards, and the other situated in Brooklyn, New York's trendy district.

You will also engage with the practical facets of the industry by undertaking a 6-month internship. This opportunity allows you to enhance your skills and discover your specialization. The internship can be carried out in Vienna or any location worldwide.

BBA Tourism and Hospitality Management

The 3-year program has a more generic approach towards hotel and tourism management.  However, the core courses are the same for both programs, making the three-year program suitable for students with prior vocational education, as well as those who want to embark on a career in the general tourism industry. This program also allows you to choose a specilization in your last year of studies in the area of Tourism and Event Management or Hotel Management. You will gain practical experience through a 6-month internship, and can also opt for a 1-semester exchange abroad.

This program also presents the opportunity to complete your studies in 4 years instead of 3, with the benefit of spending 2 years in Hong Kong. You will gain 2 degrees throughout the 4 years: your BBA Tourism and Hospitality Management from Modul University Vienna, as well as a bachelor's degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Hotel and Tourism Mananagement:

  • Opting to complete the program in 4 years entails a 2-year experience in Vienna, followed by another 2 years in Hong Kong. This presents a great prospect to attain two valuable degrees, leveraging Modul's extensive expertise in Vienna's tourism sector and benefiting from the globally acclaimed program at Hong Kong Polytechnic University's School of Hotel and Tourism Management, recognized as the best program worldwide for Hospitality and Tourism Management by the Shanghai Ranking.

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