Tuition Fees and Reductions

PhD Tuition Fees

ProgramFees Per SemesterTotal Fees
PhD in Socioeconomic Sciences€5,688€45,500

The Next Generation Scholarship for PhD Candidates at Modul University

Modul University strives for passing on knowledge and introducing new colleagues into the world of academic science. We want to foster the options of the next generations through innovative research that addresses the needs of the economy and society of the upcoming generations, conducted by its young academic members themselves. The forward-looking topics refer to research focuses of our interdisciplinary faculty with an immediate application to the needs of industry and society. The topics cover the range from the societal to the individual level, and bridge the gap between various scientific areas such as economics and business, social and political sciences, and psychology.

Therefore, PhD candidates who submit a research proposal regarding one of the following topics may also apply for a scholarship. 

  • Sustainable Tourism and Sustainability of Tourism
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Investment
  • Technology-based Observation and Forecasting of Economic and Societal Trends
  • Sustainable Consumer Behavior
  • Sustainable Management and Leadership
  • Sustainable Governance, Social Sustainability and the Well-being of Societies
  • Digital consumers and Service Innovation

Please click here for instructions on how to apply. It has to contain a research proposal according to one of the research areas as listed above. The exposé of about 5 to 10 pages should cover:

  • The relevance of the intended research
  • The current state of knowledge about the topic and a characterization of usual conceptual approaches
  • The research question
  • The planned methodology and its feasibility and how the costs of data collection will be financed
  • Potential or expected outcomes, the benefit for industry and/or society, and foreseeable points of criticism and discussion
  • The proposal is not considered binding for the actual dissertation which will be written in case of a successful application.
  • The application must also include a written statement by a MU Vienna Professor willing to supervise the candidate.

Successful applications are characterized by meeting high standards regarding the following requirements:

  • conformance with the call and its spirit
  • connectedness to one of the research topics as listed
  • demonstrated potential to foster future-relevant research on a high scientific level
  • potential impact of the results on industry and society
  • availability of an appropriate supervisor
  • innovativeness
  • demonstrated scientific competence.

Thereby, Modul University will take all necessary care to ensure fairness and to avoid any kind of discrimination. However, there is no legal right whatsoever of receiving such a scholarship.

The decision about the scholarship application will be taken by a committee consisting of the President, the Dean, the prospective supervisors of the applicants and a representative of the admissions and service department. For applications arriving till April 30th (deadline for visa seeking applicants), the decision will be taken by the end of May; for applications arriving till July 31st (deadline for non-visa seeking applicants), the decision will be taken by the end of August.

External Scholarships

The collaboration between Modul University Vienna and third-party organizations (national/international organizations or corporate partners) provides ongoing, part-time employment opportunities to PhD candidates during the course of their studies. PhD candidates are granted a tuition waiver while simultaneously working for the sponsoring partner.