Business Psychology

Our approach to Business Psychology is a holistic one that covers areas often overlooked in such specializations, preparing you to become someone that not only understands psychological theories, but also someone who can apply these theories for practical purposes in personal and professional facets of life. This serves to facilitate real-world applications of psychological concepts in professional work environments, providing a foundation for a well-reflected view of human thought, and behavior.


Occupational & Organizational Psychology

Explore a wide range of in-depth concepts that enlighten you on the principles of feeling and behavior. Evaluate group dynamics through personality assessments.

Introduction to Social Psychology

Identify psychological concepts and apply them to everyday and work-life situations. From decision making, social ties to motivation and commitment.

Develop self-reflection skills in addition to social science research data collection and measurement.

Assessment Methods in Psychology

Acquire deep insights into the characteristics, objectives, and challenges of psychological testing. Discuss traditional and new assessment methods in the field of neuropsychology and application of testing in geriatric, learning disability and special settings. Explore the early uses, the abuse of psychological testing, the subtleties of the testing process,and scandals of national group achievement tests.

Consumer Psychology

Harness the knowledge on how psychology is used in many different consumer behavior contexts and motivational theories, from behavioral learning to effect on consumer decisions. Investigate perception and attitudes, perceived or real, and the impact for businesses. Not to mention communication, cultural influence and considering marketing ethics and social responsibility

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