Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Entrepreneurship and Leadership will introduce you to various governance factors, their power constellations, interactions, and social ties, and how they impact entrepreneurial activities. Key questions will focus on institutional frameworks for the different stages of business development, from early-stage start-up activities to more established businesses.

You will cover topics including collaboration, new types of incubators, infrastructure (R&D) and innovation, gaining skills to start your own business or prepare for leadership in large companies.


The Start-Up Eco-system

Focusing on the ecosystem of a start-up, this series of seminars covers topics such as policy and regulatory frameworks, business models, finance and funding opportunities and entrepreneurship culture.

Financing New Ventures

This course well prepares you with the range of financing options for-profit ventures have at the startup phase of its lifecycle. Students play investor and entrepreneur roles in a venture funding game, pitching ventures to investors, and attracting funding in a competitive environment.

Leadership & Power

Power inequality can affect collective action, therefore understanding the relationship between power and leadership is crucial in understanding business and social outcomes. Also how teams cohere or disperse, corporations are profitable or fail, how nations grow or decline.

Entrepreneurial Innovation

Since the economy and society are progressively shaped by different types of public, private, and societal institutions, innovation starts with identifying those institutional environments that help managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow to apply a systemic view to become more competitive and ahead of the curve in general.

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