International Marketing

This curated specialization is designed to prepare students for the future world of online marketing and advertising by introducing the varied means available to today’s online businesses to: promote their brands, goods and services, assess and manage their identity and reputation, acquire and retain customers through active marketing efforts, coordinate marketing activities across channels, create a community and involve users in feedback and co-creation, as well as measure their interactive marketing strategy success.


Marketing Intelligence

Identify and leverage market opportunities through confident and accurate decision making all thanks to harnessing the power of marketing intelligence through data collection and analysis.

Social Media Marketing Planning

Modern businesses cannot ignore the importance of online social networks, both for the size of the audience and the amount of time many people spend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. In this course, students will practically learn how to plan the publication and distribution of social media and thus market a product or service on social networks.

Cases and Technology in Interactive Marketing

Work with state-of-the-art tools and learn practically about how marketing activities can be established, executed, monitored, optimized, and evaluated. In a world where businesses still struggle to find graduates skilled in the latest online technologies and channels for their marketing and communication departments, this course provides the necessary skillset to develop and lead successful online marketing and communication efforts.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Discover the integrated marketing communication strategies used by enterprises to plan, execute and achieve their marketing communications goals across an increasing number of channels.

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