Bachelor Theses

The central concept behind the thesis is choosing a specific and practical problem and solving it with the knowledge the student has acquired during their studies.

Theses that have reached grades 90% or higher will be published here in regular intervals. By special requests of some students, their theses will be withheld for a certain time period (5 years max.) and will be published after that. 


Acceptance of AI by hospitality professionals - Mauritio Maria Ernst Lux (abstract) (full text)

Understanding Consumer Behavior of Purchase Intention on OTT Streaming Services Against Digital Piracy - Claudia Mak (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Veganism on Destination Choice - Anna Schuhmann (abstract) (full text)

Climate Change Impact on the US Real Estate Market; with Particular Examination of the Sea Level Rise - Christian Kadletz (abstract) (full text)

The Influence of Music Festivals on Young Adult’s Mental Well-Being - Alexia Wilmink (abstract) (full text)

Influence of Meat Alternatives Usages on Customer Hotel Choice - Haram Kim (abstract) (full text)

Food Waste in the Hospitality Industry: How food waste mitigation affects customer’s intention to visit - Cheuk Hay Harry Chan (abstract) (full text)

How Should a Metaverse be Designed to Attract Consumers Going for a Virtual Vacation? - Tianhao Xu (abstract) (full text)

Website Service Quality Investigation of a Medium Sized Tour Operator in the case of Senior Travelers - Julia Moser (abstract) (full text)

Emotionally-Induced Digital Music Streaming Behaviors: A Look into the Emotional Drivers of Consumer Decision-Making in Song Selection - Ian Brandenburg (abstract) (full text)

TikTok and Virality: Exploring emotional triggers through trending content as a branding marketing tool - Nina Gogl (abstract) (full text)

Dark Tourism: Understanding the Attraction to Death A Case Study on the Paris Catacombs - Leo Weis (abstract) (full text)

Comparison Between the Marketing Strategies of Luxury Fashion and Luxury Hospitality Industry in Hong Kong - Leung Ka Seem, Vanessa (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of COVID-19 on Travelers’ Destination Choice in Austria - Sabrina Kind (abstract) (full text)

The Theory of Organizational Socialization and its Effect on Voluntary Employee Turnover: A critical incidents approach - Franziska Reichl (abstract) (full text)

Influences of Night Shifts on Employee’s Mental Health in Hospitality - Abeer Juma (abstract) (full text)

The Identification of Key ‘Green Industry’ Standards to Formulate a Catalogue for the International Hotel Industry - Fabian Flohr (abstract) (full text)

Shaping the Guest Experience: How Personalized Services Improve Customer Satisfaction in Luxury Hotels and Create a Competitive Advantage - Carlotta Böhme (abstract) (full text)

Employer Branding as a Tool to Facilitate Employee Retention - Richard Kummrov (abstract) (full text)

The Country-of-Origin Effect in Airline Branding and its Impact on Booking Intentions - Julien David Behringer (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Immerse Technology in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry - Donika Viqa (abstract) (full text)

Sustainable Practices of Viennese City-centre and Outskirts Hotels - Beatrice Martinolli D’Arcy (abstract) (full text)


The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Destination Choice - Florence Scholtes (abstract) (full text)

How Can Business Process Automation Prepare Hotels to Increase Productivity in A Growing Digital World? - Felix Ferdinand Fuhrken (abstract) (full text)

Observing the Significance of Digital Transformations in Post-Pandemic Hospitality - Samuel Theodore Humphrey Daniels (abstract) (full text)

Tripadvisor's Influence on Customers' Booking Intentions in 5 Star Hotels - Alina Katharina Wehner (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Perceived Sustainability on Blockchain Adoption in the Hospitality Industry - Margarita Drozdova (abstract) (full text)

Investigating the Drivers of Hotel Preferences Toward Minimalist Hotels - Sau Ching Chung (abstract) (full text)

The Influence of Organizational Structures on Talent Development And Retention - Kay Gustav Dieckmann (abstract) (full text)

How Different Aspects of Social Media Review Influence Staycation in Hong Kong - Luk Hei Yu, Rachel (abstract) (full text)

Redifining the Idea of Luxory in the Hospitality Industry - Nora Grattoni (abstract) (full text)

The Change of Customer Behavior and its Impact on Hotel Sustainability Management - Boya Zhang (abstract) (full text)

Social Media Marketing and Gastronomic Tourism: the case of luxury restaurants in Italy - Giovanni Chizzolini (abstract) (full text)

Assessing the Optimal Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Within the Hotel Industry for Generation Y - Jennifer Flöck (abstract) (full text)

An Ecological-Economic Analysis of Allotment Gardens in Vienna from a Degrowth Perspective - Marie Greiner (abstract) (full text)

The Challenges and Benefits of Implementing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the Hotel Industry - Anna Elisabeth Thelen (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Different Leadership Styles on Employees’ Motivation and Workplace Satisfaction in the Financial Sector - Melanie Lechner (abstract) (full text)

The influence of sustainable event management practices on consumers’ word-of-mouth and visit intention in the music event industry - Rada Assenova Kopreva (abstract) (full text)

Are Attractions the Main Influencing Factor for Motivating Tourists to Travel to Dubai? - Donny de Wijs (abstract) (full text)

Motivations and Intentions for Engaging in Dark Tourism - Isabel Jarl (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Different Brand Collaborations on Influencers’ Trustworthiness in the Tourism Industry - Nina Rössler (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Gender Diversity in Leadership Positions in Asian Countries - Yan Wing Ng (abstract) (full text)

The Long-Term Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Aviation Industry - Melánia Hudáková (abstract) (full text)

Travel for Physical and Mental Health Improvement: Discovering the new concept of prescriptive health tourism - Nina Müller (abstract) (full text)

Generational Differences in Using Social Media for Destination Choice - Lara Schischlik (abstract) (full text)

Business Process Redesign in the Context of Quality Improvement Practices: Process modeling for the future state of a business process in the F&B department of a five-star hotel in Vienna - Soroush Golchini (abstract) (full text)

The Shift in Significance of Hotel Choice and Satisfaction Attributes during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Respect of Changes made in the Hotel Industry - Andre Schimanov (abstract) (full text)

The Contribution of Influencers to Hotel Consumers' Decision-Making - Ka Wai Cartier Mok (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Artificial Influencers in Tourism Marketing - Lara Schaffler (abstract) (full text)

Social Media as a Promotional Strategy for Boutique Hotels - Felix Sung Chiu Ngui (abstract) (full text)


How Movies influence the Destination Choice of Travellers - Sandra Smoliner (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Travelling for Well-Being in Life Satisfaction - Darina Pashkovska (abstract) (full text)

Identification of Motivation Strategies in Order to reduce Turnover in the Hospitality Industry - Markus Andre (abstract) (full text)

Visiting Death and Life: tourists' motivation for engaging in dark tourism - Kathrin Gauß (abstract) (full text)

Understanding the Impact of the #MeToo Movement on Leadership and Corporate Culture, with Regards to Female Inclusion and Value of Voices - Sara Praeceptor (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Perceived Talent Management Practice on Turnover Intention of Hotel Employees - Tsz Ki Yau (abstract) (full text)

The Main Drivers of Employee Retention: the case of Viennese luxury hotels - Jennifer Yanyu Hu (abstract) (full text)

The Abolition of the Roaming Charges and its Effects on Tourist's Experience - Nadine Feigl (abstract) (full text)

How popular culture influences Asia tourism trends within 10 years (especially in China and Korea)? - Wing Lam Venus Chow (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Venture Capital in the Travel and Tourism Industry - Jan Alexander Jedlinski (full text)

Motivational Differences among Millennial Participants and Non-Participants of Guided Coach Tours - Raphaela Böck (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of the “Salzburg Festival” on Salzburg’s Tourism Based on the Three Pillars of Sustainability - Francesca Baratta-Dragono (abstract) (full text)

The Phenomenon of Dental Tourism: The Case Study of Hungary - Anna Margit Gergely (abstract) (full text)

Environmental and socio-cultural impacts of small-scale open-air festivals - Anthi Koumoutsea (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of the Film Industry on Tourism - Andrea Zurdo Vara (abstract) (full text)


Host Perceptions of Sociocultural Impacts of Tourism. The case of London, UK - Nina Jankovic (full text)

Residents' Perspective on Overtourism in Vienna - Lara Maria Schmuck (full text)

The Influence of Irregular Shifts on Stress Levels and the Human Psyche - Theresa Messerer (full text)

Strategies to Cope with Climate Change in the Alpine Tourism Industry: The case of Zell am See-Kaprun - Lisa Unterganschnigg (abstract) (full text)

Drivers of World War II Tourism: What motivations and factors attract tourists to WW2 sites - Karl Friedrich Thaler (full text)

A Comparison Between Different Destination Image Measurement Constructs - Aboud Shahad (abstract) (full text)

Eco-tourism for Youths in Austria - Katharina Strand (full text)

Finding Women's Happiness in Hospitality: case study on how women feel at the beginning of their careers - Ruxandra Mihaela Baba (full text)

Fighting Turnover: What do Viennese 5* hotels have to say about this? - Mengyuan Geng (abstract) (full text)

To what extent do cultural differences diversify Tourism & Travel behavior and motivations? - Yannicka Thomas (abstract) (full text)

Psychological Influences of Organizational Culture on Young Employees at Upscale Hotels - Kathatina Rakic (abstract) (full text)

Impacts of Mass Tourism and Communication on the Image of a Destination: The Case of Barcelona - Paulin Heinrich (abstract) (full text)

The Impacts of Terrorism on Tourism in the EU - Alexander Meindl (abstract) (full text)

Chatbots as an Approach for a Faster Enquiry Handling Process in the Service Industry - Alina Weissensteiner (abstract) (full text)

Understanding the Influence of Movie Production on DMO Strategies: the Case of "Game of Thrones" series in European Destinations - Johanna Schlenk (abstract) (full text)

Development of Eco-Tourism in Third World Countries - Anastasiia Zraichikova (full text)

Hotel Review Platform Comparison: A case study of the 25hours Hotel at MuseumsQuartier in Vienna - Sophie Paiker (abstract) (full text)

Key Value Drivers for Sustainable Restaurant Business Models – Robert Suga (abstract) (full text)

Evaluation of Personnel’s Brand Involvement in a Private University Setting: The case of MODUL University Vienna – Katharina Reichmann (abstract) (full text)

`Greenwashing`: deceptive Business Claims of Ecological-Friendly Marketing Strategies of Different Airlines in the Star Alliance Group – Hannah Kermer (abstract) (full text)

Generation Y travelers' Hotel Consideration: The impact of travel mode and reference room price – Louisa von Oertzen (abstract) (full text)

Employed Technological Trends for Enhancing the Tourist Experience in Vienna: A benchmark approach - Isabella Postl (abstract) (full text)

Vienna Calling, Vienna Controlling: Crowd Management Dealing with Visitor Growth – Yasmin Taga (abstract) (full text)

The Motivations of Airbnb Hosts and the Effects on their Lives - Ludmila Tibulschi (abstract) (full text)

Comparison of Forecasting Methods for Stock Prices of Consumer Electronics Market - Selin Üzelgecici (abstract) (full text)

Analyzing the Potential for Developing Luxury Tourism in Bulgaria - Katrin Malcheva (abstract) (full text)

An Exploratory Analysis of the Barriers to Implementation of the Revenue Management in Upscale Hotel Restaurants in Vienna - Iryna Andrukh (full text)

Training and Security in the Aviation Industry - Ines Prinz (full text)


Examining the Interplay of Socio- and Economic Factors on the Financial Effects of Student Loans in Europe - David Kilian (abstract) (full text)

The role of sound in audiovisual advertisements in prompting anger and its effects on brand image and purchase intention - Kathrin Zeller (abstract) (full text)

The Contribution of Instagram to the Popularity and Promotion of Music Artists - Anna Lashmanova (abstract) (full text)

Consumers’ Perception of Greenwashing in the Food Industry - Anna Maria Erhardt (abstract) (full text)

The Development of Sustainable Construction in the European Union: Exploring Benefits and Challenges - Gregor Aichbichler (abstract) (full text)

Workplace Motivators in Millennials and Generation Z: An Austrian and South African Perspective - Linda Vallant (abstract) (full text)

An Investigation into Email Marketing Success: What Drives Recipient Engagement? - Raghda Albattal (abstract) (full text)

Factors that Impact European Tourists’ Choices on Mode of Transportation - Kristi Miha (abstract) (full text)

Implications of Hyperinflation on Economic Activities: The example of the Former Yugoslavia - Nevena Panić (abstract) (full text)

End Consumers’ Perceptions of Blockchain-Enabled Traceability Systems in the Food Industry - Nikol Xheli (abstract) (full text)

Exploring Innovative Financing Strategies for Illicit Flows: A Study of Current Trends and Implications - Younis Allosh (abstract) (full text)

The Integration of Contemporary African Art into Western Auction Houses - Lena Frank (abstract) (full text)

The Growing Relevance of Social Media Marketing and Augmented Reality in the Premium Residential Real Estate Market - Clara Sophie Pabinger (abstract) (full text)

The Development of the Viennese Wirtshaus through the Commercialization of Veganism - Nikola Konstantin Stupar (abstract) (full text)

The Contribution of New Technologies in Increasing Persuasion of Social Media Marketing - Jiafen Zhan (abstract) (full text)

The Emergence of Alternative Workspaces in Redefining the Future of Work: A Qualitative Study - Angelika Leiler (abstract) (full text)

Connection of Innovative Strategies and Technologies with the Interests of Different Stakeholders: A Case Study of Ukrainian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Main Sectors - Roksolana Hrodzitska (abstract) (full text)

The Implications of Universal Basic Income for Higher Education in Austria - Sandro E. Mangold (abstract) (full text)

Social Media and its effects on adolescents’ mental health - Neza Susnik (abstract) (full text)

Agile Project Management Methods and Techniques and their Influence on Start-ups - Viktor Georgiev (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Music on Athletes’ Motivation - Petra Dragičević (abstract) (full text)

The Contribution of Instagram to Increasing Customer Engagement of Austrian-based Food and Beverage Startups - Victoria Klein (abstract) (full text)

Effects of Influencer Marketing in the Cryptocurrency Sector - Matteo Bertoletti (abstract) (full text)

The Development of Employer Branding in the hotel industry through new media - Lea Weichselbaumer (abstract) (full text)

Netflix's Machine Learning: The correlation between film selection based on tailored thumbnails and genre preference - Emily Viola Brunner (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Transformational Leadership and Organizational Culture on CSR - Ariana Vorobeva (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Non-Fungible Tokens on Collectors and Artists - Paul Laurenz Kapl (abstract) (full text)

The Socioeconomic Impacts of COVID-19 on the Manufacturing Industry in Vietnam - Carl Becker (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Intermediaries in the Energy Transition Process of Companies in Vienna. The Example of klimaaktiv - Klara Losert (abstract) (full text)

The Effects of Customer Feedback on the Intrinsic Motivation of Employees within the Restaurant Industry - Tristan Ganahl (abstract) (full text)

Co-Branding between Luxury and Mass Brands: its influence on consumers’ purchase intention - Eszter Schmidt (abstract) (full text)

Examining the Factors that affect Housing Affordability in London - Beatrice Maier (abstract) (full text)

Industrial Policy Options for a Post-Pandemic Global Economy - Anastasiia Solomakha (abstract) (full text)

Passenger Intentions Toward the Use of Self-Service Technologies in the Air Transport Industry - Noel Demko (abstract) (full text)

Examining Ethiopia’s Socioeconomic Development since 2010: An Examination of Development Strategies - Charlotte Haskamp (abstract) (full text)

Examining the Consequences of Social Media Use on People’s Wellbeing - Szabolcs Olah (abstract) (full text)

Data Analysis and Prediction with Medical Data and the Resulting Opportunities for Companies in the Medical Industry On the basis of an example analysis - Paul Zeileis (abstract) (full text)

Exploring Innovative Financing Strategies for Illicit Flows: A Study of Current Trends and Implications - Younis Allosh (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Micro Influencer Marketing on Brand Image - Charlize Diehl (abstract) (full text)

Consumers' Responses to Various Corporate Strategies aiming to cope with Ethical Failures in Companies - Lucia Klepetková (abstract) (full text)

The Contribution of Generational Diversity to Employee’s Work Satisfaction - Stefanie Repnik (abstract) (full text)

Gender Barrier: A Qualitative Approach to Gender Issues Present in Social and Work Environments - Seyed Amirhesam Pishnamazi (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Brand Image and Brand’s Trustworthiness in the Fashion Industry - Valeriya Savyak (abstract) (full text)

Can Digital Currencies Serve as an Everyday Means of Payment in Commerce? - Alexander Pink (abstract) (full text)

Evolution of Cryptocurrency: Changes in the Use and Consumers’ Demands for Digital Transactions - Sahil Raza (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Covid-19 on Sponsor Agreements in Football in the Balkan Region - Milos Milojevic (abstract) (full text)

Factors Influencing GenZ´s Intention to Purchase an Electric Vehicle - Fabio L. Santana Stork (abstract) (full text)

Differences In Expectations And Demands on Leadership Between Students And Full-Time Employees - Moritz Schweitzer (abstract) (full text)

The Relevance of Destination Placements in Movies for Tourism in Slovenia - Sara Siftar (abstract) (full text)

To What Extent Do Health And Environmental Attitudes Influence The Purchase Behaviour Of Organic Food - Maximilian Knauer (abstract) (full text)

What is the Role of Customer Centricity in Traditional Banks? - Ivan Ananiev (abstract) (full text)

Different Leadership Styles and Their Impact on Generation Z's Employee Motivation - Katarina Nikolic (abstract) (full text)

The Use Of Foreign Language On Product Packaging - Chih-Chi Luo (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Investment Choices in the Art Market - Laurids Walkensteiner (abstract) (full text)

How the Floor Plan Layout of a Casino can Improve Customer Relations and Revenue for the Central and Eastern European Market - Nico Weissengruber (abstract) (full text)

The Effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Hotel Supply Chains in Vienna - Lukas Kriegler (abstract) (full text)

The Contribution of Transformational Leadership in Developing Intrinsic Motivation and Creativity of Employees - Eleonore Rupprecht (abstract) (full text)

The Financial Effects of Sustainable Strategies in the Austrian Construction Industry - Felix Rametsteiner (abstract) (full text)

The Development of Augmented Reality in the Retail Sector during the Covid-19 Pandemic - Milena Deenichina (abstract) (full text)

Drivers of Investment Intention in Cryptocurrencies: Before and during COVID-19 - Mona Rotim (abstract) (full text)

Factors Contributing to Brand Alliances Success - Gabriela Damyanova (abstract) (full text)

The Influence of Health and Taste Claims in Consumer Perception of Food Products and Purchasing Intentions - Lauren Kelly (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Product Placements on Brand Attitude - Katharina Vilimsky (abstract) (full text)

To What Extent do Health and Environmental Attitudes Influence the Purchase Behaviour of Organic Food - Maximilian Knauer (abstract) (full text)

Gen Z’s Capacity for Leadership - William Burelli (abstract) (full text)

Factors That Contribute to E-Loyalty in an Online Furniture Retailing Business - Nikolaus Huainigg (abstract) (full text)

Which Budgets are Needed to Successfully Compete in the First and Second Professional Football Level in Austria? Is it Realistic for First Vienna FC to Play at the Second or First Level in Austria? - Floris van Zaanen (abstract) (full text)

The Underrepresentation of Women in Austrian Leadership Positions - Viktoria Julia Heinzl (abstract) (full text)

Hotel Clustering & Sustainability: A Comparative Case Study of European Eco-certified Clustered and Unclustered Hotels - Eleonora Peruzzi (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Blockchain Technology on Hotel Booking Systems - Michael Katschnig (abstract) (full text)

The Influence of Entrepreneurial Innovation on the Economic Development of Bulgaria - Daniela Ilieva (abstract) (full text)

TripAdvisor reviews vs. Instagram posts: influence on consumer restaurant choice from Viennese perception - Isidora Radujkovic (abstract) (full text)

The Integration of the Republic of Albania in the European Union Economy: the case of the banking system of Albania - Ardita Bendo (abstract) (full text)

Online VS. Offline shopping, impact of Covid-19 on the digitalization process in Austria - Maximilian Matz (abstract) (full text)

Vertically Integrated Companies in Luxembourg: A case study on the organic grocery market - Rick Walentiny (abstract) (full text)

The Influence of Emotional Customer Reviews on Perceived Usefulness, Credibility, and Booking Intention - Violetta Mucha (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Viennese Luxury Hotel Industry - Maximilian Strobl (abstract) (full text)

Long-Term Effect of COVID-19 Outbreak on Consumer Behavior and Online Retail in the United Kingdom - Fedor Volchkov (abstract) (full text)

Factors Consumers Consider When Purchasing Eyeglasses - Julian Tallier (abstract) (full text)

Profiling Some Central and Eastern European Craft Beer Breweries through their Branding Strategies - Albert Andras (abstract) (full text)

The Effects of Artificial Intelligence in the Future Economy - In Hong Kim (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Customers´ Purchasing Intention in the Cosmetics Industry - Laura Höfer (abstract) (full text)

Traditional VS. Virtual Banks in Ukraine: is there a pendulum swing happening impart due to COVID-19 - Maxim Zemtsov (abstract) (full text)

A Research Study of how Equal Employment Opportunities are Practiced in Azerbaijan: A comparison look at local and international companies - Rashid Sadikhov (abstract) (full text)

The Success Factors in Social Media Marketing in Start-Ups and Small and Medium Enterprises - Eva Johanna Vipavc (abstract) (full text)

COVID-19 Country Comparison - The economic impact of the crisis management in Austria and Sweden - Roxelane Schön (abstract) (full text)

The effects of the Covid-19 crisis on climate change mitigation and adaptation measures: The case study of Tyrolian holiday hotels - Julia Pulai (abstract) (full text)

The Applicability of Austrian Support Measures during the COVID-19 crisis for Viennese Cafés - Linda Korak (abstract) (full text)

Economic development in Slovakia during five cabinet ministers from 1998 until the present and its influence on SMEs - Soňa Cecília Hrivňáková (abstract) (full text)

The Effect of Virtual Showrooms on The Watch Purchasing Process - Michaela Riedl & Kolja Heimberger (abstract) (full text)

A Comparison of Consumers’ Perceptions of Sustainable Supply Chains Between the Luxury and the Fast Fashion Industry - Laura Ivaci (abstract) (full text)

The Influence of Eco-Labels and their Diagnosticity on Credibility Perceptions, Consumer Trust and Visit Intentions in the Fashion Industry - Bertram Ponocny (abstract) (full text)

A comparison between businesses and the general public when it comes to tax evasion and government fiscal policies. The case study of Albania - Lorena Agalliu (abstract) (full text)

Changing Cryptocurrency Perceptions: An Experimental Study - Evgenii Gorbunov (abstract) (full text)

The Phenomenon of Consumer’s Showrooming behavior and what drives it - Karapet Baghdasaryan (full text)

The Role Of CSR with relation to Global Warming and its effects on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour in the fashion industry - Craig Leslie Pereira (full text)

The Influence of Tradition on Consumer Behavior - Milica Jojic (abstract) (full text)

Economic Development vs Debt Trap: Is China's involvement in East Africa's economy a front to take over the region for strategic purposes? A case study of Tanzania - Hamed Al Habsi (abstract) (full text)

The Future Outlook regarding the Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Consumers' Food Purchase Behavior: A Case Study of Satu Mare, Romania - Marck Serban Pereni (abstract) (full text)

Examining the Potential Benefits of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan on the Socioeconomic Systems of the Republic of Bulgaria - Sofia Rossen Jeliazkova (abstract) (full text)

Successful Team Management in the Means of Increasing Team Performance and the Work Environment - Luis Eßmann (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Sustainability on SMEs and Company Valuation Methods to Measure Sustainable Development in SMEs - Paulina Rath (abstract) (full text)

Social Perceptions of Women Executives at Work - Keisi Koni (abstract) (full text)

What are Challenges Women face in the Workplace, especially in the Law Industry in France? - Chloé Staufer-Wierl (abstract) (full text)

The Influence of the Role of Social Media on Generation Z's Choice to visit "Instagrammable Destinations" - Sebastian Janke (abstract) (full text)

In what Way do Instagram Influencers impact the Promotion of Music Festivals among Millennials? - Josephine Nittel (abstract) (full text)

What Start-Up Persona leads to Venture Capital Investment and why? - Denis Morozov (full text)

The Role of Trust in Influencer Marketing when promoting two competing Brands - Anna Lechner (abstract) (full text)

The NIS Law - a milestone for security standards - Larissa Reichl (full text)

The Short Term and Medium Term Implications of the Brexit on the British Economy and its Industries - Isabelle Christin Sorf (full text)

An Assessment of Trust in Blockchains and Bitcoin in Financial Applications - Hannah Nicole Griesmayr (full text

Investigating the Motivation of visiting a Dark Tourism Site - Ling Fung Hung (abstract) (full text)

Can Fashion Retailers operate in a more socially and environmentally responsible Way, and which are the feasable approaches? - Mak Ho Sze (abstract) (full text)

The Effects of Film-induced Tourism on the city of Dubrovnik from the Residents' Perception - Marlon Anthony Don Schmidt (full text)

How does Economic Development affect Quality of Life in China and Taiwan in the past 40 Years - Pin Fei Huang (abstract) (full text)

The Potential in Blockchain in Improving SME's Performance in Times of Crisis: the case of Slovenia - Zan Span (abstract) (full text)

Impact of employee CSF in job satisfaction among developed and developing countries. A case study of Austria and Morocco - Karanfila Popovic (abstract) (full text)

Exploring the Most Mentioned Factors of Why eSports has Grown so much in the Years of 2015 till 2020 - Lorenz Hirsch (abstract) (full text)

The Effect of the European Corporate Green Bonds on Environmental Pollution - Gregor Potisk (abstract) (full text)

Managing Intercultural Teams - Kristina Chaplik (abstract) (full text)

Risk and Return of different Hedge Fund Strategies during the Financial Crisis 2008 - Jakob Kronawetter (abstract) (full text)

The impact of blockchain technology on the music industry from the artists' perspective - Maximilian Kumptner (abstract) (full text)

Investment in Human Capital, in regard to the Direct Physical Work Environment, and its Effect on Productivity - Tara Shirepazazari (abstract) (full text)

E-Invoicing in The Austrian Retail Sector: How to Increase Consumer Willingness to Adopt the New Technology - Daniel Mittheis (full text)

Online versus offline grocery shopping: a segmentation approach - Richard Hinkelmann (abstract) (full text)

Words decide what we eat - How sensory descriptive attributes on restaurant menus influence our food choice - Leonie Rocek (abstract) (full text)

How employee satisfaction influences the attitudes towards innovation between Thailand and Austria - Patrizia Spiess (abstract) (full text)

Outlier Detection, Explanation and Prediction: The influence of events on TV ratings - Sarah Fuchs (abstract) (full text)

LGBTQ+ In Your Area - Dominique Dietz (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Generational Diversity on Organizational Culture within the Hotel Industry - Katharina Simic (abstract) (full text)

How do Companies Benefit from Sponsoring an Event - Ariane Haager (abstract) (full text)

An Assessment of Trust in Blockchain-based Assets and Technologies - Grigory Shkrbich (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Influencer Marketing in the Fitness Industry on Consumer's Trust - Rebecca Baranow (abstract) (full text)

Responsible Gambling and the Communication to Customers through Casino Websites - Alexander Ullmann (abstract) (full text)

The Performance of Impact Investing – a market comparison - Maximilian Schmerold (abstract) (full text)

Trade Liberalization, The 2008 Food Price Crisis and The Philippines and Bangladesh's Efforts in Improving Food Security - Usman Abubakar (abstract) (full text)

Internal Communication and Leadership: the effects on teams’ performances - Marcel Fassl (abstract) (full text)

What makes a great Leader in the Hospitality Industry: the role of gender - Lucia Harbuláková (abstract) (full text)

Service Quality in the Albanian Banking Sector - Aldi Ruli (full text)

Gender Gap: Female Leader’s Perceptions in the Case of Austria - Katrin Schula (abstract) (full text)

Implicit Patterns of Thoughts in Management in the Theoretic Methodic Field of Cognitive Framing - a cognitive discourse analysis of in-depth interviews - Martina Gragger (abstract) (full text)

A Consumer Perspective on Shared Mobility Concepts: the case of GoUrban Vienna - Felix Painsi (abstract) (full text)

Impact of Digitization and Web Technologies on Supply Chain Integration in Aviation MRO - Ivana Ivosevic (full text)

Apple's iPhones in the Customer's Eyes: which features are the most important and what will the future bring? - Orsolya Schmidt (abstract) (full text)

Marketing Tactics used by Early Stage Startups, an analysis of the Viennese startup scene - Catharina Chalupa (abstract) (full text)

Consumer Behavior of Female Millennials in the Case of Louis Vuitton: implications for Luxory Brand Management Practices - Kristina Artner (abstract) (full text)

Car Sharing as a new Dimension of Transportation among Millennials - Istvan Tamas Bito (abstract) (full text)

Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis using Rapidminer - Parishek Singh Chauhan (abstract) (full text)

Customer Relationship Management: analyzing differences of complaint management processes and procedures within the hotel environment: an investigation of differences between hotelgroups, individually/privately/family-owned hotels and non-classified lifestyle hotels within the luxury industry- Victoria Finger (abstract) (full text)

Organizational Culture: A Link to High Performance – Nina Kollárová (abstract) (full text)

How Does Search Advertisement Position Influence Readers' Awareness, Consideration and Willingness to Pay? – Fabian Kostrhon (abstract) (full text)

Perception of the Service in Airlines: a comparison of Generation X and Generation Y – Diana Palnychenko (abstract) (full text)

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