Bachelor Theses

The central concept behind the thesis is choosing a specific and practical problem and solving it with the knowledge the student has acquired during their studies.

Theses that have reached grades 90% or higher will be published here in regular intervals. By special requests of some students, their theses will be withheld for a certain time period (5 years max.) and will be published after that. 


The influence of sustainable event management practices on consumers’ word-of-mouth and visit intention in the music event industry - Rada Assenova Kopreva (abstract) (full text)

Are Attractions the Main Influencing Factor for Motivating Tourists to Travel to Dubai? - Donny de Wijs (abstract) (full text)

Motivations and Intentions for Engaging in Dark Tourism - Isabel Jarl (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Different Brand Collaborations on Influencers’ Trustworthiness in the Tourism Industry - Nina Rössler (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Gender Diversity in Leadership Positions in Asian Countries - Yan Wing Ng (abstract) (full text)

The Long-Term Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Aviation Industry - Melánia Hudáková (abstract) (full text)

Travel for Physical and Mental Health Improvement: Discovering the new concept of prescriptive health tourism - Nina Müller (abstract) (full text)

Generational Differences in Using Social Media for Destination Choice - Lara Schischlik (abstract) (full text)

Business Process Redesign in the Context of Quality Improvement Practices: Process modeling for the future state of a business process in the F&B department of a five-star hotel in Vienna - Soroush Golchini (abstract) (full text)

The Shift in Significance of Hotel Choice and Satisfaction Attributes during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Respect of Changes made in the Hotel Industry - Andre Schimanov (abstract) (full text)

The Contribution of Influencers to Hotel Consumers' Decision-Making - Ka Wai Cartier Mok (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Artificial Influencers in Tourism Marketing - Lara Schaffler (abstract) (full text)


How Movies influence the Destination Choice of Travellers - Sandra Smoliner (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Travelling for Well-Being in Life Satisfaction - Darina Pashkovska (abstract) (full text)

Identification of Motivation Strategies in Order to reduce Turnover in the Hospitality Industry - Markus Andre (abstract) (full text)

Visiting Death and Life: tourists' motivation for engaging in dark tourism - Kathrin Gauß (abstract) (full text)

Understanding the Impact of the #MeToo Movement on Leadership and Corporate Culture, with Regards to Female Inclusion and Value of Voices - Sara Praeceptor (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Perceived Talent Management Practice on Turnover Intention of Hotel Employees - Tsz Ki Yau (abstract) (full text)

The Main Drivers of Employee Retention: the case of Viennese luxury hotels - Jennifer Yanyu Hu (abstract) (full text)

The Abolition of the Roaming Charges and its Effects on Tourist's Experience - Nadine Feigl (abstract) (full text)

How popular culture influences Asia tourism trends within 10 years (especially in China and Korea)? - Wing Lam Venus Chow (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Venture Capital in the Travel and Tourism Industry - Jan Alexander Jedlinski (full text)

Motivational Differences among Millennial Participants and Non-Participants of Guided Coach Tours - Raphaela Böck (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of the “Salzburg Festival” on Salzburg’s Tourism Based on the Three Pillars of Sustainability - Francesca Baratta-Dragono (abstract) (full text)

The Phenomenon of Dental Tourism: The Case Study of Hungary - Anna Margit Gergely (abstract) (full text)

Environmental and socio-cultural impacts of small-scale open-air festivals - Anthi Koumoutsea (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of the Film Industry on Tourism - Andrea Zurdo Vara (abstract) (full text)


Host Perceptions of Sociocultural Impacts of Tourism. The case of London, UK - Nina Jankovic (full text)

Residents' Perspective on Overtourism in Vienna - Lara Maria Schmuck (full text)

The Influence of Irregular Shifts on Stress Levels and the Human Psyche - Theresa Messerer (full text)

Strategies to Cope with Climate Change in the Alpine Tourism Industry: The case of Zell am See-Kaprun - Lisa Unterganschnigg (abstract) (full text)

Drivers of World War II Tourism: What motivations and factors attract tourists to WW2 sites - Karl Friedrich Thaler (full text)

A Comparison Between Different Destination Image Measurement Constructs - Aboud Shahad (abstract) (full text)

Eco-tourism for Youths in Austria - Katharina Strand (full text)

Finding Women's Happiness in Hospitality: case study on how women feel at the beginning of their careers - Ruxandra Mihaela Baba (full text)

Fighting Turnover: What do Viennese 5* hotels have to say about this? - Mengyuan Geng (abstract) (full text)

To what extent do cultural differences diversify Tourism & Travel behavior and motivations? - Yannicka Thomas (abstract) (full text)

Psychological Influences of Organizational Culture on Young Employees at Upscale Hotels - Kathatina Rakic (abstract) (full text)

Impacts of Mass Tourism and Communication on the Image of a Destination: The Case of Barcelona - Paulin Heinrich (abstract) (full text)

The Impacts of Terrorism on Tourism in the EU - Alexander Meindl (abstract) (full text)

Chatbots as an Approach for a Faster Enquiry Handling Process in the Service Industry - Alina Weissensteiner (abstract) (full text)

Understanding the Influence of Movie Production on DMO Strategies: the Case of "Game of Thrones" series in European Destinations - Johanna Schlenk (abstract) (full text)

Development of Eco-Tourism in Third World Countries - Anastasiia Zraichikova (full text)

Hotel Review Platform Comparison: A case study of the 25hours Hotel at MuseumsQuartier in Vienna - Sophie Paiker (abstract) (full text)

Key Value Drivers for Sustainable Restaurant Business Models – Robert Suga (abstract) (full text)

Evaluation of Personnel’s Brand Involvement in a Private University Setting: The case of MODUL University Vienna – Katharina Reichmann (abstract) (full text)

`Greenwashing`: deceptive Business Claims of Ecological-Friendly Marketing Strategies of Different Airlines in the Star Alliance Group – Hannah Kermer (abstract) (full text)

Generation Y travelers' Hotel Consideration: The impact of travel mode and reference room price – Louisa von Oertzen (abstract) (full text)

Employed Technological Trends for Enhancing the Tourist Experience in Vienna: A benchmark approach - Isabella Postl (abstract) (full text)

Vienna Calling, Vienna Controlling: Crowd Management Dealing with Visitor Growth – Yasmin Taga (abstract) (full text)

The Motivations of Airbnb Hosts and the Effects on their Lives - Ludmila Tibulschi (abstract) (full text)

Comparison of Forecasting Methods for Stock Prices of Consumer Electronics Market - Selin Üzelgecici (abstract) (full text)

Analyzing the Potential for Developing Luxury Tourism in Bulgaria - Katrin Malcheva (abstract) (full text)

An Exploratory Analysis of the Barriers to Implementation of the Revenue Management in Upscale Hotel Restaurants in Vienna - Iryna Andrukh (full text)

Training and Security in the Aviation Industry - Ines Prinz (full text)


TripAdvisor reviews vs. Instagram posts: influence on consumer restaurant choice from Viennese perception - Isidora Radujkovic (abstract) (full text)

The Integration of the Republic of Albania in the European Union Economy: the case of the banking system of Albania - Ardita Bendo (abstract) (full text)

Online VS. Offline shopping, impact of Covid-19 on the digitalization process in Austria - Maximilian Matz (abstract) (full text)

Vertically Integrated Companies in Luxembourg: A case study on the organic grocery market - Rick Walentiny (abstract) (full text)

The Influence of Emotional Customer Reviews on Perceived Usefulness, Credibility, and Booking Intention - Violetta Mucha (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Viennese Luxury Hotel Industry - Maximilian Strobl (abstract) (full text)

Long-Term Effect of COVID-19 Outbreak on Consumer Behavior and Online Retail in the United Kingdom - Fedor Volchkov (abstract) (full text)

Factors Consumers Consider When Purchasing Eyeglasses - Julian Tallier (abstract) (full text)

Profiling Some Central and Eastern European Craft Beer Breweries through their Branding Strategies - Albert Andras (abstract) (full text)

The Effects of Artificial Intelligence in the Future Economy - In Hong Kim (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Customers´ Purchasing Intention in the Cosmetics Industry - Laura Höfer (abstract) ( full text)

Traditional VS. Virtual Banks in Ukraine: is there a pendulum swing happening impart due to COVID-19 - Maxim Zemtsov (abstract) (full text)

A Research Study of how Equal Employment Opportunities are Practiced in Azerbaijan: A comparison look at local and international companies - Rashid Sadikhov (abstract) (full text)

The Success Factors in Social Media Marketing in Start-Ups and Small and Medium Enterprises - Eva Johanna Vipavc (abstract) (full text)

COVID-19 Country Comparison - The economic impact of the crisis management in Austria and Sweden - Roxelane Schön (abstract) (full text)

The effects of the Covid-19 crisis on climate change mitigation and adaptation measures: The case study of Tyrolian holiday hotels - Julia Pulai (abstract) (full text)

The Applicability of Austrian Support Measures during the COVID-19 crisis for Viennese Cafés - Linda Korak (abstract) (full text)

Economic development in Slovakia during five cabinet ministers from 1998 until the present and its influence on SMEs - Soňa Cecília Hrivňáková (abstract) (full text)

The Effect of Virtual Showrooms on The Watch Purchasing Process - Michaela Riedl & Kolja Heimberger (abstract) (full text)

A Comparison of Consumers’ Perceptions of Sustainable Supply Chains Between the Luxury and the Fast Fashion Industry - Laura Ivaci (abstract) (full text)

The Influence of Eco-Labels and their Diagnosticity on Credibility Perceptions, Consumer Trust and Visit Intentions in the Fashion Industry - Bertram Ponocny (abstract) (full text)

A comparison between businesses and the general public when it comes to tax evasion and government fiscal policies. The case study of Albania - Lorena Agalliu (abstract) (full text)

Changing Cryptocurrency Perceptions: An Experimental Study - Evgenii Gorbunov (abstract) (full text)

The Phenomenon of Consumer’s Showrooming behavior and what drives it - Karapet Baghdasaryan (full text)

The Role Of CSR with relation to Global Warming and its effects on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour in the fashion industry - Craig Leslie Pereira (full text)

The Influence of Tradition on Consumer Behavior - Milica Jojic (abstract) (full text)

Economic Development vs Debt Trap: Is China's involvement in East Africa's economy a front to take over the region for strategic purposes? A case study of Tanzania - Hamed Al Habsi (abstract) (full text)

The Future Outlook regarding the Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Consumers' Food Purchase Behavior: A Case Study of Satu Mare, Romania - Marck Serban Pereni (abstract) (full text)

Examining the Potential Benefits of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan on the Socioeconomic Systems of the Republic of Bulgaria - Sofia Rossen Jeliazkova (abstract) (full text)

Successful Team Management in the Means of Increasing Team Performance and the Work Environment - Luis Eßmann (abstract) (full text)

Social Perceptions of Women Executives at Work - Keisi Koni (abstract) (full text)

What are Challenges Women face in the Workplace, especially in the Law Industry in France? - Chloé Staufer-Wierl (abstract) (full text)

The Influence of the Role of Social Media on Generation Z's Choice to visit "Instagrammable Destinations" - Sebastian Janke (abstract) (full text)

In what Way do Instagram Influencers impact the Promotion of Music Festivals among Millennials? - Josephine Nittel (abstract) (full text)

What Start-Up Persona leads to Venture Capital Investment and why? - Denis Morozov (full text)

The Role of Trust in Influencer Marketing when promoting two competing Brands - Anna Lechner (abstract) (full text)

The NIS Law - a milestone for security standards - Larissa Reichl (full text)

The Short Term and Medium Term Implications of the Brexit on the British Economy and its Industries - Isabelle Christin Sorf (full text)

An Assessment of Trust in Blockchains and Bitcoin in Financial Applications - Hannah Nicole Griesmayr (full text

Investigating the Motivation of visiting a Dark Tourism Site - Ling Fung Hung (abstract) (full text)

Can Fashion Retailers operate in a more socially and environmentally responsible Way, and which are the feasable approaches? - Mak Ho Sze (abstract) (full text)

The Effects of Film-induced Tourism on the city of Dubrovnik from the Residents' Perception - Marlon Anthony Don Schmidt (full text)

How does Economic Development affect Quality of Life in China and Taiwan in the past 40 Years - Pin Fei Huang (abstract) (full text)

The Potential in Blockchain in Improving SME's Performance in Times of Crisis: the case of Slovenia - Zan Span (abstract) (full text)

Impact of employee CSF in job satisfaction among developed and developing countries. A case study of Austria and Morocco - Karanfila Popovic (abstract) (full text)

Exploring the Most Mentioned Factors of Why eSports has Grown so much in the Years of 2015 till 2020 - Lorenz Hirsch (abstract) (full text)

The Effect of the European Corporate Green Bonds on Environmental Pollution - Gregor Potisk (abstract) (full text)

Managing Intercultural Teams - Kristina Chaplik (abstract) (full text)

Risk and Return of different Hedge Fund Strategies during the Financial Crisis 2008 - Jakob Kronawetter (abstract) (full text)

The impact of blockchain technology on the music industry from the artists' perspective - Maximilian Kumptner (abstract) (full text)

Investment in Human Capital, in regard to the Direct Physical Work Environment, and its Effect on Productivity - Tara Shirepazazari (abstract) (full text)

E-Invoicing in The Austrian Retail Sector: How to Increase Consumer Willingness to Adopt the New Technology - Daniel Mittheis (full text)

Online versus offline grocery shopping: a segmentation approach - Richard Hinkelmann (abstract) (full text)

Words decide what we eat - How sensory descriptive attributes on restaurant menus influence our food choice - Leonie Rocek (abstract) (full text)

How employee satisfaction influences the attitudes towards innovation between Thailand and Austria - Patrizia Spiess (abstract) (full text)

Outlier Detection, Explanation and Prediction: The influence of events on TV ratings - Sarah Fuchs (abstract) (full text)

LGBTQ+ In Your Area - Dominique Dietz (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Generational Diversity on Organizational Culture within the Hotel Industry - Katharina Simic (abstract) (full text)

How do Companies Benefit from Sponsoring an Event - Ariane Haager (abstract) (full text)

An Assessment of Trust in Blockchain-based Assets and Technologies - Grigory Shkrbich (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Influencer Marketing in the Fitness Industry on Consumer's Trust - Rebecca Baranow (abstract) (full text)

Responsible Gambling and the Communication to Customers through Casino Websites - Alexander Ullmann (abstract) (full text)


Trade Liberalization, The 2008 Food Price Crisis and The Philippines and Bangladesh's Efforts in Improving Food Security - Usman Abubakar (abstract) (full text)

Internal Communication and Leadership: the effects on teams’ performances - Marcel Fassl (abstract) (full text)

What makes a great Leader in the Hospitality Industry: the role of gender - Lucia Harbuláková (abstract) (full text)

Service Quality in the Albanian Banking Sector - Aldi Ruli (abstract) (full text)

Gender Gap: Female Leader’s Perceptions in the Case of Austria - Katrin Schula (abstract) (full text)

Implicit Patterns of Thoughts in Management in the Theoretic Methodic Field of Cognitive Framing - a cognitive discourse analysis of in-depth interviews - Martina Gragger (abstract) (full text)

A Consumer Perspective on Shared Mobility Concepts: the case of GoUrban Vienna - Felix Painsi (abstract) (full text)

Impact of Digitization and Web Technologies on Supply Chain Integration in Aviation MRO - Ivana Ivosevic (full text)

Apple's iPhones in the Customer's Eyes: which features are the most important and what will the future bring? - Orsolya Schmidt (abstract) (full text)

Marketing Tactics used by Early Stage Startups, an analysis of the Viennese startup scene - Catharina Chalupa (abstract) (full text)

Consumer Behavior of Female Millennials in the Case of Louis Vuitton: implications for Luxory Brand Management Practices - Kristina Artner (abstract) (full text)

Car Sharing as a new Dimension of Transportation among Millennials - Istvan Tamas Bito (abstract) (full text)

Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis using Rapidminer - Parishek Singh Chauhan (abstract) (full text)

Customer Relationship Management: analyzing differences of complaint management processes and procedures within the hotel environment: an investigation of differences between hotelgroups, individually/privately/family-owned hotels and non-classified lifestyle hotels within the luxury industry- Victoria Finger (abstract) (full text)

Organizational Culture: A Link to High Performance – Nina Kollárová (abstract) (full text)

How Does Search Advertisement Position Influence Readers' Awareness, Consideration and Willingness to Pay? – Fabian Kostrhon (abstract) (full text)

Perception of the Service in Airlines: a comparison of Generation X and Generation Y – Diana Palnychenko (abstract) (full text)

Human Resource Management in the Music Industry: Chances and Risks of New Platforms such as “SynchronStage” - Andreas Karall (full text)

Pet Care Industry: Business Overview and Opportunities - Serena Ng (abstract) (full text)

Identifying Product Values in the Corporate Sphere and Instilling these Values in Employees - Hubertus Kiesling (abstract) (full text)

To What Extent Does Your Job Influence Your Overall Happiness? - Annika Lange (abstract) (full text)

Change in Cultural Behaviour within the European Union, due to Impact of terroristic Activities and the Syrian refugee crisis, Case Study: “Brexit” - Markus Neubrand (full text)

The role of Social Media in the Tourism Industry in Austria (How does Austria implement the social media to attract tourists?) - Liana Sabanaeva (abstract) (full text)

Positive economic impact of a Free Trade Zone in the Dominican Republic - Thomas Wagner (abstract) (full text)