Bachelor Theses


Host Perceptions of Sociocultural Impacts of Tourism. The case of London, UK - Nina Jankovic (full text)

Residents' Perspective on Overtourism in Vienna - Lara Maria Schmuck (full text)

The Influence of Irregular Shifts on Stress Levels and the Human Psyche - Theresa Messerer (full text)

Strategies to Cope with Climate Change in the Alpine Tourism Industry: The case of Zell am See-Kaprun - Lisa Unterganschnigg (abstract) (full text)

Drivers of World War II Tourism: What motivations and factors attract tourists to WW2 sites - Karl Friedrich Thaler (full text)

A Comparison Between Different Destination Image Measurement Constructs - Aboud Shahad (abstract) (full text)

Eco-tourism for Youths in Austria - Katharina Strand (full text)

Finding Women's Happiness in Hospitality: case study on how women feel at the beginning of their careers - Ruxandra Mihaela Baba (full text)

Fighting Turnover: What do Viennese 5* hotels have to say about this? - Mengyuan Geng (abstract) (full text)

To what extent do cultural differences diversify Tourism & Travel behavior and motivations? - Yannicka Thomas (abstract) (full text)

Impacts of Mass Tourism and Communication on the Image of a Destination: The Case of Barcelona - Paulin Heinrich (abstract) (full text)

The Impacts of Terrorism on Tourism in the EU - Alexander Meindl (abstract) (full text)

Chatbots as an Approach for a Faster Enquiry Handling Process in the Service Industry - Alina Weissensteiner (abstract) (full text)

Understanding the Influence of Movie Production on DMO Strategies: the Case of "Game of Thrones" series in European Destinations - Johanna Schlenk (abstract) (full text)

Development of Eco-Tourism in Third World Countries - Anastasiia Zraichikova (abstract) (full text)

Hotel Review Platform Comparison: A case study of the 25hours Hotel at MuseumsQuartier in Vienna - Sophie Paiker (abstract) (full text)

Key Value Drivers for Sustainable Restaurant Business Models – Robert Suga (abstract) (full text)

Evaluation of personnel’s brand involvement in a private university setting: The case of MODUL University Vienna – Katharina Reichmann (abstract) (full text)

`Greenwashing`: deceptive Business Claims of Ecological-Friendly Marketing Strategies of Different Airlines in the Star Alliance Group – Hannah Kermer (abstract) (full text)

Generation Y travelers' hotel consideration: The impact of travel mode and reference room price – Louisa von Oertzen (abstract) (full text)

Employed Technological Trends for Enhancing the Tourist Experience in Vienna: A Benchmark Approach - Isabella Postl (abstract) (full text)

Vienna Calling, Vienna Controlling: Crowd Management Dealing with Visitor Growth – Yasmin Taga (abstract) (full text)

The Motivations of Airbnb Hosts and the Effects on their Lives - Ludmila Tibulschi (abstract) (full text)

Comparison of Forecasting Methods for Stock Prices of Consumer Electronics Market - Selin Üzelgecici (abstract) (full text)

Analyzing the potential for developing luxury tourism in Bulgaria - Katrin Malcheva (abstract) (full text)

An Exploratory Analysis of the Barriers to Implementation of the Revenue Management in Upscale Hotel Restaurants in Vienna - Iryna Andrukh (full text)

Training and security in the aviation industry - Ines Prinz (full text)

What makes Southeast Asia attractive to young European backpackers? - Lisa Betteridge              (abstract) (full text)  

„To E or not To Be“ Amazon's Role in the retail industry - Nicole Bluschke (abstract) (full text)       

Loyalty Programs – Analysing Luxury Hotels in Vienna - Nicole Börner (abstract) (full text)  

How would a growth in medical tourism affect Austria? - Michelle Granda (abstract) (full text)  

Austria 360°: An exploratory study of user experience on tourism virtual reality application - Dennis Pregesbauer (abstract) (full text)

Rural Tourism in Ivano-Frankivsk Region - Iryna Romaniuk (abstract) (full text)  

The impact of media during the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 on the destination image of Vienna - Matthias Schwindl (abstract) (full text)

People’s Perceptions and Behavior towards Destinations that have been affected by TerrorismViktoria Welledits (full text)

Factors affecting branded posts’ popularity and fan page engagement - Magdalena Zudrell (abstract) (full text)  

Wine Tourism in South Tyrol - Isabelle Zuegg (abstract) (full text)

Business Succession in Austrian Family Owned and Operated Hotels - Simon Hala (abstract) (full text)

Mobile Development in the Tourism Industry - and its impact on today's travel behavior - Moritz Christian (abstract) (full text)

Forecasting tourism demand for Austrian attractions - Petra Fallmann (abstract) (full text)

The importance of destination branding and rebranding fo the tourism industry. A case study on "The Islands of Tahiti" - Valerie Sedlmayer (abstract) (full text)

Using social media by the "new" Chinese tourists travelling through Europe - Yajiao Tatia Shi (abstract) (full text)

Role of social media in Generation Y travellers' travel decision making process: A grounded theory approach - Angelika Beham (abstract) (full text)

Open Innovation Platforms by Tourists Boards: How useful is it? - Patricia Neamtu and Victoria Weber (abstract) (full text)

Exploring the importance of sensual triggers in the creation of a holistic customer service experience and behavior - Vera Wanivenhaus (abstract) (full text)

"The king is dead, long live the king": when a low-cost carrier becomes the national airline - Barnabas Szebeni (abstract) (full text)

The Influence of Social Media on Revenue Management in Hotels - Anna Maria Beneder (abstract) (full text)

The Role of Food for Tourists from Generations X and Y: A Comparison - Melissa Graf (abstract) (full text)

Suggestions to Reduce Turnover by Analyzing the Austrian Touristic Labour Market - Anja Bednarik (abstract) (full text)

How does wine tourism influence the development of a wine bar in Bolzano - Franziska Kuenberg (abstract) (full text)

Augmented Reality and the Tourist Experience - David Wagner (abstract) (full text)

Social Entrepreneurship: Business Models and Earned Income Strategies - Sebastian Ferrari (abstract) (full text)

Economical Impacts of Olympic Games: The Analysis of Four Case Studies - Thais Petrenko (abstract) (full text)

Components of the travel experience that contribute to a luxury destination branding - by the case of Vienna - Catherine Latzenhofer (abstract) (full text)

The role of advertising in image projection-the case of Dr. Oetker - Lisa Gschaider (abstract) (full text)

Benefits of employee empowerment for service quality and job satisfaction in the hospitality industry - Julia Baumgartner (abstract) (full text)

Domestic travelers' percieved destination image of Shanghai - Lisa Zhang (abstract) (full text)

Development of a four star hotel in the Bavarian Altmühl Valley - Anna-Lena Listl (abstract) (full text)

Tourists' motivations for engaging in dark tourism - Case study of Apartheid memorials in South Africa - Barbara Deutsch (abstract) (full text)

Stakeholders' Perspectives on Tourism Development: The case of Eidenberg - Marlies Haider (abstract) (full text)

Influences of Social Media on the tourism and hospitality industry - Ioana Alexandra Benea (abstract) (full text)

Revenue Management in the individual Hotel Business - Julian Mayer (abstract) (full text)

Influence of Branding on Consumer Behavior: Case of Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna - Farah Makki (abstract) (full text)

Awareness and Perceptio of Green Meetings and Events among Austrian Companies - Nina Zitz (abstract) (full text)


Does the republic of Maldives have the capability to handle the growing tourism demand, whereas facing the difficulties of global warning? - Miriam Auer (abstract) (full text)

CSR Policies in the Viennese Hotel Industry - Carolin Brewi (abstract) (full text)

Motivation and Commitment as Strategies to reduce Turnover in seasonal hotels in Austria - Dominique Pisa (abstract) (full text)

Culinary Tourism for Young Adult Travellers and its connection to Destination management - Sabrina Redl (abstract) (full text)

Critical Success Factors and Challenges for Destination Marketing in Ecotourism - Anna Messner (abstract) (full text)

Through the photo-chromic Lens of the Beholder: The Development of the simple Holiday Photography to a Marketing Product - Alicia Maravic (abstract) (full text)

Tutoring and Professional Coaching - same goals but different approaches? An in-depht analysis of the tools used. - Tatjana Klein (abstract) (full text)

How does organizational culture influence the performance of luxury hotels based on the example of the Ritz-­?Carlton Hotel Company L.L.C.? - Nina-Sophie Himmer (abstract) (full text)

Decision Making through online reviews : Critical Factors for travelers of selecting a destination before traveling. - Cem Meric (abstract) (full text)

The Importance of Social Media and their Contribution to the Marketing of Sport Events - Marina Bartoletti (abstract) (full text)

Students' Travel Behavior and Induced Tourism: Do Film Sets and Movie Locations Attract Young Travelers? - Doris Blaha (abstract) (full text)

Effects of Perceived Terrorism Risk on the Travel Decision to Jammu and Kashmir - Sonja Fresacher (full text)

Tourism Providers' Engagement and Willingness to Adapt to and Mitigate Climate Change with a Focus on Skiing Areas - Julia Heigl (full text)

Motivators for Going on Holiday, with Principle Focus on Extreme Sport - Vanessa Hooper (full text)

Sustainable Hotel Practices and its Influence on Consumer Buying Behavior - A Comparison between Vienna and Hong Kong - Susanne Klepsch and Julia Schneider (full text)

The Value of a Sommelier to a Company - Thomas Kuchling (full text)

Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies and Their Approach to Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into Business Strategy - Marthissa Maerz (full text)

Commmodification and Culture - How Can Culture be Economically Used Without Selling it Out - Natascha Pröschel (full text)

Pre-Opening in Hotels, its Challenges, Difficulties and Solutions: A Qualitative Study with a Focus on the Kempinski Hotels SA - Petra Tominz (full text)

Consumer Decisionmaking Behavior in the Airline Industry: Focus on the Emirates', Austrian, Slovakian, and Hungarian Leisure Markets - Robert Wilfing (full text)

Exploiting the Opportunities Arising Out of Social Media-A Case Study of Hotels in Vienna - Ana Vidovic (full text)


Perceived Fairness of RM - Jona Lacka (abstract) (full text)

How Strong does a defect of the core or supplementary service influence customer satisfaction? - Clara Mayer (abstract) (full text)

Political Violence and its Consequences for Tourism in Israel - Nina Nawara (abstract) (full text)

A Study into the Motivations for Participation in Environmental Certification Schemes by the Tourist Accomodation Sector - David Leonard (abstract) (full text)

Short Feasibility Study for a Hotel Project in the Luxury Segment in Vienna, Austria - Sandra Gramann (abstract) (full text)

Feasibility Study for a Hotel Project in Luanda, Angola - Valerie Nigl (abstract) (full text)

Safety and Security in Tourism - Martin Neumayer (abstract) (full text)

Affiliate Marketing: A Case Study of Ticket Express - Stefan Schwarz (abstract) (full text)

The Lobby as a Living Room: What Interior Design Innovations and Products do Luxury Hotels Implement to Attract Guests to their Lobby? - Roxane Braun (abstract) (full text)

Customer Value of Purchasable Supplementary Services in the Context of a European Full-Service Network Carrier - Edward Rowley


Choice of stereotypes and styles used for the Marketing Strategy of Serbia - Aleksandra Tanackovic (abstract) (full text)

Customers' Perception of the Complain Handling Process through Blogs - Jessica Buttini and Monique Silva (abstract) (full text)

Impact of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks on US and International Tourism Development - Veronika Bysyuk (abstract) (full text)

Impacts of Wars and Terrorism on Tourism in Lebanon - Fabio Vilela da Silva Neto and Jad Harb (abstract) (full text)

Perception and acceptance of alternative therapies in Austrian thermal SPAs and health resorts - Julia Kaippel (abstract) (full text)

F&B Supply in Tourism Sight Locations - development of an ideal F&B product with the methodology of conjoint analysis. Case Study: Tourism Sight Location Kahlenberg - Sandra Staniek and Gloria Schneider (abstract) (full text)

Gay-Friendly Vienna--NOW OR NEVER - Julia Unterscheider (abstract) (full text)

Subjective well-being of Tourists over the course of holidays - Yan Wang (abstract) (full text)

Analyzing Weaknesses of Questionnaires by Cognitive Testing - Ines Zimmerman (abstract) (full text)

Destination Marketing--Different Approaches to Enhance the Image of Kahlenberg - Ines Leitsoni and Sophie Buchacher (abstract) (full text)

Revenue Management in the Wine Industry - Fabienne Hamberg (abstract) (full text)


The impact of blockchain technology on the music industry from the artists' perspective - Maximilian Kumptner (abstract) (full text)

Investment in Human Capital, in regard to the Direct Physical Work Environment, and its Effect on Productivity - Tara Shirepazazari (abstract) (full text)

How to increase acceptance level of E-invoicing in the retail sector in Austria - Daniel Mittheis (abstract) (full text)

Online versus offline grocery shopping: a segmentation approach - Richard Hinkelmann (abstract) (full text)

Words decide what we eat - How sensory descriptive attributes on restaurant menus influence our food choice - Leonie Rocek (abstract) (full text)

How employee satisfaction influences the attitudes towards innovation between Thailand and Austria - Patrizia Spiess (abstract) (full text)

Outlier Detection, Explanation and Prediction: The influence of events on TV ratings - Sarah Fuchs (abstract) (full text)

LGBTQ+ In Your Area - Dominique Dietz (abstract) (full text)

A Behavioural Approach to Decision-Making in Small-Sized Viennese Hotels - Robin Pierre Bracke (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Generational Diversity on Organizational Culture within the Hotel Industry - Katharina Simic (abstract) (full text)

How do Companies Benefit from Sponsoring an Event - Ariane Haager (abstract) (full text)

An Assessment of Trust in Blockchain-based Assets and Technologies - Grigory Shkrbich (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Influencer Marketing in the Fitness Industry on Consumer's Trust - Rebecca Baranow (abstract) (full text)

Responsible Gambling and the Communication to Customers through Casino Websites - Alexander Ullmann (abstract) (full text)



Trade Liberalization, The 2008 Food Price Crisis and The Philippines and Bangladesh's Efforts in Improving Food Security - Usman Abubakar (abstract) (full text)

Internal communication and leadership: the effects on teams’ performances - Marcel Fassl (abstract) (full text)

What makes a great leader in the Hospitality Industry: the role of gender - Lucia Harbuláková (abstract) (full text)

Service Quality in the Albanian Banking Sector - Aldi Ruli (abstract) (full text)

Gender Gap: Female Leader’s Perceptions in the Case of Austria - Katrin Schula (abstract) (full text)

Implicit Patterns of Thoughts in Management in the Theoretic Field of Cognitive Framing - A Cognitive Discourse Analysis of In-Depth Interviews - Martina Gragger (abstract) (full text)

A Consumer Perspective on Shared Mobility Concepts: the Case of GoUrban Vienna - Felix Painsi (abstract) (full text)

Impact of Digitalization and Web Technologies on Aviation MRO Supply Chain Integration - Ivana Ivosevic (abstract) (full text)

Apple's iPhones in the Customer's Eyes: Which features are the most important and what will the future bring? - Orsolya Schmidt (abstract) (full text)

Entrepreneurial Marketing: Marketing tactics used by early stage startups; analysis of the Viennese startup scenes - Catharina Chalupa (abstract) (full text)

Luxury Brand Management: Consumer Behavior and Brand Consciousness of Millenials - Kristina Artner (abstract) (full text)


Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis using Rapidminer - Parishek Singh Chauhan (abstract) (full text)

Customer Relationship Management: analyzing differences of complaint management processes and procedures within the hotel environment: an investigation of differences between hotelgroups, individually/privately/family-owned hotels and non-classified Lifestyle hotels within the luxury industry- Victoria Finger (abstract) (full text)

Organizational Culture: A Link to High Performance – Nina Kollárová (abstract) (full text)

How Does Search Advertisement Position Influence Readers' Awareness, Consideration and Willingness to Pay? – Fabian Kostrhon (abstract) (full text)

Perception of the Service in Airlines: A Comparison of Generation X and Generation Y – Diana Palnychenko (abstract) (full text)

Human Resource Management in the Music Industry: Chances and Risks of New Platforms such as “SynchronStage” - Andreas Karall (full text)

Pet Care Industry: Business Overview and Opportunities - Serena Ng (abstract) (full text)

Identifying Product Values in the Corporate Sphere and Instilling these Values in Employees - Hubertus Kiesling (abstract) (full text)

To What Extent Does Your Job Influence Your Overall Happiness? - Annika Lange (abstract) (full text)

Change in cultural behaviour within the European Union, due to impact of terroristic activities and the Syrian refugee crisis, Case Study: “Brexit” - Markus Neubrand (full text)

The role of social media in the tourism industry in Austria (How does Austria implement the social media to attract tourists?) - Liana Sabanaeva (abstract) (full text)

Positive economic impact of a Free Trade Zone in the Dominican Republic - Thomas Wagner (abstract) (full text)


Problems of Resale Price Maintenance in the Automotive Industry: Theory and facts in Slovakia - Jakub Hromada (abstract) (full text)  

Intraday trading impact of U.S. economic news on the EUR/USD - Thomas Jandejsek (abstract) (full text)  

Facebook Marketing Analytics of an Automotive Company: A Study of Mercedes-Benz Slovakia - Alexander Kulumbeg (abstract) (full text)

Comparison of Loyalty Card Holders and Non-Loyalty Card Holders in the Casinos Austria: A Brand Involvement Perspective - Anna Stoss (abstract) (full text)  

Leadership in Banking during the Financial Crisis in 2008 - Vivian Tsolakis (abstract) (full text)