Master Theses


Crisis Management and Destination Image Repair after Terrorism - Linn Minar (abstract) (full text)

Defining and assessing environmentally friendly hotel concepts and their effects on destinations - Apostolos Tsiantis (full text)

Understanding Online Bankung Adoption: interprative study in Austrian banking context - Veronika Chikhradze (abstract) (full text)

What Works and What Doesn't in Social Media for University Recruitment - Diana Palnychenko (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Brand Loyalty Towards Luxury Cosmetics Brands: comparison of Generation Z and Millenial - Karina Dogra (full text)

Nomads Experience and Overall Well-Being: the role of co-living spaces - Jennifer Sin Hung von Zumbusch (abstract)

Success Factors of Urban Farming Projects in Europe: a case study analysis - Victoria Felser (abstract) (full text)

Finding the Airline's Sweet Spot: matching travelers' expectations and experiences - Rick Boender (abstract)

Perceived Livability of Expatriates: The Case of Barcelona - Gabriela Basovska (abstract)

Perceptions on the influence of wearable devices on life and work satisfaction - Stefan Catic (abstract) (full text)

Managing Deviant Customer Behavior in an Online Context: A Comparison of Hotels’ Response Strategies - Nadine Fischer (abstract) (full text)

Detroit’s Urban Revival: The Influence of Lower Class Socioeconomic Groups on Detroit’s Urban Revitalization - Davis Gibbs (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Psychological Development in Career Choices: Motivation of Overachievers vs. Underachievers - Kateryna Gresenko (abstract) (full text)

Chalets resorts in the Alps: Curse or Blessing for the Local Communities - Michael Winkler (abstract) (full text)

How to Strike a Viral Video Success: A Study on the Influence of the Emotional Tone on Consumer Intentions and Attitudes -  Vera Wanivenhaus (full text)

The development of cultural tourism in Europe focused on the economic value of the Salzburg festival - Christina Norman Audenhove (abstract) (full text)

Assessing the impact of terrorist attacks on the destination of Paris: consequences on its tourism figures and image, substitution effect on other European citiesFlora Charon (abstract)

Online Presence and Optimization: Developing an E-Marketing Plan for Hundschupfen Kellerei Hagn Weine GmbH - Lauren Dietrich

Tourism providers' reactions to decreased demand following a crisis: the impact of the Swine Flu on the tourism market: a panel data approach Klaus Dissertori (abstract) (full text)

Smart City Initiatives: Factors Influencing Stakeholder InvolvementMarusa Grobelnik

Tourism Impact and Residents' Perspectives: The Case of Zell am See-KaprunBarbora Kostalova (abstract) (full text)

Why do People choose to stay with Airbnb?Ramona Rimer

Competitiveness of Slovakia as a tourism destination Marianna Schweitzerova (abstract and full text)

A stakeholder’s view on the creation of a sustainable energy-flagship region within the LEADER-region – Nina Zitz (abstract) (full text)

Occupational stress, job satisfaction, and employee loyalty in hospitality industry: a comparative case study of two hotels in Russia Evgenia Antonova (abstract) (full text)

Is Cap and Share a feasible option in Austria? An analysis of experts’ attitudesHani Aridi

Tourism sustainability indicators: analysis, development and applicationMarina Belyakova

A comparative analysis of the economic impact assessment of mega-events based on the Case of Eurovision Song ContestIoana Benea

An approach to developing a tourism strategy for BhutanSonam Dorji

How can regional economic development and entrepreneurship be triggered and fostered through effective forest management?Veronika Feheregyhazy (abstract) (full text)

The Knowledge-Trust Nexus: Europe's Democratic DeficitSebastian Ferrari (abstract) (full text)

Austrian Businesses Networking for Sustainable Development: The case study of respACTNatalia Grocovkanics (abstract)

Selecting the destination image factors and media channels for the promotion process of the upcoming ice hockey world championship in SlovakiaSara Hanulikova and Roman Kollar

Complaint handling in the gastronomy sector: Service recovery differences in Vienna and KrasnodarDiana Ibragimova (abstract) (full text)

Investigation of resources and gaps of open access data, journals and other potential learning resources in TourismSiddhartha Kantipudi

Exploring visual social media messages in the case example of YouTube and its potential influence on the gap between awareness and environmental behaviorAnna Kravchenko

Travel Behaviour of the Generation Y in AustriaVreni Meinl

Location Vacation: The influence of television and movies on tourist choices - Zil E. Ali Mirza

Enhancing active mobility and civic engagement through the use of smartphone applicationsAiala Nachiwale Tchikanha

How current and future customers perceive Mercedes Benz’s Sustainability approach and Green Business Strategies within Mercedes Benz in AustriaAnton Parkhimovich

Solid waste management and minimization: Case Study of 25 Hours HotelThais Petrenko

Types of Instagram Photos affecting positive destination Image of Jordan and Costa RicaAnastasia Popova (abstract) (full text)

How an eco resort can become a sustainable and successful business model: environmental, social, and economic perspectiveVittorio Rigatti (abstract) (full text)

Issues of active citizenship in a modern democracy: The example of AustriaHelena Scheithauer (abstract) (full text)

The Empirical Possibility of Green Growth:  Evidence of significant relationships between Economic Growth & Job Creation, Poverty Reduction and Resource Constraints & Climate Change during 1990-2014 in ThailandNina Schneider (abstract) (full text)

Intelligent Connectivity of Smart Cities: Using Smart Mobility to preserve the Cultural Heritage and enhance the tourist experience in ViennaAntonina Simoshina

Online travel information search - Using web traffic for forecasting tourist arrivals to ViennaPetra Tchoell (abstract) (please contact library[at] for full text)

How to build an efficient social media strategy to support tourism event marketing activitiesPetra Versic



Strategies for Destination Image Recovery after a Severe Crisis: The Case of Syria - Deema Aasi

An Evaluation of Innovation Policies in the Restov Region between 2003 and 2012 - Natalia Churilova

Corporate Social Responsibility among Mexican Tour Operators: Awareness Level and Participation of CSR Practices - Oscar De Luna Sanchez

The Importance of Complaint Management Tools at Selected Luxury Hotels in Vienna - Matthias Gillhofer (abstract) (full text)

Why Do the Japanese Visit Vienna? - Sayako Kanazumi 

Sustainable Business Practices of Small and Medium-Sized Hotels in Croatia - Luka Males

Green Conspicuous Consumption: The Effects of Green Marketing Strategies on Consumers' Behavior - Oscar Otero Polo (abstract) (full text)

The 15 Principles of Green Urbanism and its Application to European Eco-Districts - Simon Penker            

Public Participation Understanding and Practices: The Cases of Bremen and Gdynia - Nora E. Ron-Pedrique P. (abstract) (full text)

European Tourism: A Comparison of Over-Seas and European Source MarketsElizabeth Shanaman (abstract) (full text

The Potential and Limits of Service-Learning to meeting the Goals of Education for Sustainable Development: the case of the “SustainabilityChallenge”- Elena Zepharovich (abstract) (full text)

Impacts of Studying Abroad on the Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Sustainable Development:  A Case Study of the Scholarship Program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Hashim Mohammed S. Al Qhtany         

Democracy in practice in the European Union: The European Citizens Initiative (ECI)Helene Gorny (abstract) (full text)

Open Government Data: Applications for Sustainability - Alison K. Koczanski (abstract) (full text)

Social Capital and Regional Economic Resilience in the City of Toronto - Natalie Miletic 

Is the Triple Benefit Principle a Feasible Instrument for Enhancing Energy Transition in Industrialized Countries? - Klaus Renoldner (abstract) (full text)

The Innovative Role of Regional Centres of Expertise in Forstering Education for Sustainable Development Practice - Jelena Siric       

Comparison of the Social Attitudes to Nuclear Energy between China and Three German Speaking Countries - Xiaoyang Yin         

The utilization of three justice dimensions in oline complaint responses: a case study of small hotels and chain hotels in Thailand - Tayita Youngcharoen (abstract) (full text)

The Impact of Work-Life Balance on the Relaxation Effect of Holidays - Claudia Bucek (abstract) (full text).

Perceived and Communicated Image - Miroslav Fabsik

Consumption patterns and environmental attitudes - Ourat-ul-ain Hashmi

Population in Australia: A study into the attitudes of residents regarding the population size, policy and the notion of taboo - David Leonard (abstract) (full text)

Tourism Destination Image Positions of the Sub-Provincial Districts in China: A Similarity and Uniqueness Comparison - Shasha Lin (abstract) (full text)

An Evaluation of the Romanian governmental strategy for inclusion of the Romanian Citizens belonging to the Roma minority - Carmen Ana Munteanu

Sustainable Building Certification - The Case of Hotel Building - Philipp Redl

Choice of stereotypes and styles used for the Marketing Strategy of Serbia - Aleksandra Tanackovic (abstract) (full text)

Sustainable Finances and Personal Attitudes - Blanca Fernandez (full text)

Lasting Peace in Darfur: The Role of Sustainable Management of Water and Land - Hannes Hippacher (full text)

The Relationship between Self-Image and the Usage of Different Types of Tourist Information - Jelena Krnic (full text)

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Coffee Industry - Antonia Ria Markoulakis (full text)

How Access to Electricity through Renewable Energy Technologies Impacts on Agriculture Production and Environment in Rural Areas of Developing Countries? - Ivan Manyonga

Employee Empowerment as a Driver of Success in Hotels - Stephanie Mezera


Career Expectations of Hospitality Students: A Swiss Context and Generational Effects - Tunde Bausz (full text)

Powerful synergies: Gender equality, sustainable development and peace - Annelisa Miglietti (full text)

Influence of Online Marketing Strategies on the Sales Success of B2B Companies - Urska Binter (full text)

The Characteristics of Pro-Environmental Urban Tourists: A Market Segmentation Study Based on the New Ecological Paradigm - Jennifer Day (full text)

The aspects of culinary tourism in Tourists’ satisfaction and tourists’ loyalty. Insights from Vienna - Thu Thuy Khuat (full text)

Perceptions of visible tattoos and piercings in the service industry - Rahul Rao (full text)

The Role of Corporate Finance in Eval-uating a Cloud Computing Strategy - A Chief Financial Officer perspective - Andreas Rynes (full text)

A sustainable hotel concept and its contribution to the city-hinterland tourism - Carina Becker (full text)

A Managerial Framework for Measuring (near) Real-time Destination UsageBoudewijn Bokdam (full text)

The role of behavioral economics in the real estate market: Example of CroatiaInes Descak (abstract and full text)

The Internet's Impact on the Advancement of Medical TourismPatrick Foote (abstract and full text)

Corruption and Economic Development in transitional Democracies: the case of BulgariaAni Karaddzhiyan

Resident attitudes towards tourism: Testing the Resident Empowerment through Tourism Scale (RETS) in Bruges Vincent Nijs (full text)

Pricing Techniques and Framing Effects versus Consumer Buying Behavior Rochel Sarikov

The relationship between organizational communication and motivation of employeesAna Semren

Sustainable Development of Rural tourism in the Lika RegionMartina Serdarusic and Marija Tustonjic

Visit Vinland: Developing a New and Innovative Tourism Product in Atlantic Canada by Decipering Ancient Icelandic Sagas – Sveinn Traustason

Market analysis of the hotel investments in the Eastern Adriatic Region - The focus on Slovenia, Croatia and MontenegroAna Vugrin

One size fits all? - Challenges in sustainable business strategy implementation for SMEsBrigitta Deák

Growth through acquisition explained on basis of a real case - Lucas Dirnbacher

Leadership as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Vienna’s 5-Star Hotel IndustryAlexander Fuchs

Qualitative Success Factors for Strategic Marketing Expenditure Decisions in the Luxury Hotel Industry Andreas Glück

50 Shades of Pink: Destination Advertising for Gay MenBalazs Gyemant (abstract) (full text)

A Facebook Community Management and Marketing Tool for Micro and Small Enterprises and Social Entrepreneurs - Mathias Haas (abstract)

Dispute Resolution in the Luxury Hotel IndustryLuca Kunitzky

Slow Food as a Tourism Product for ViennaIleana Net

The adoption of green meetings standards by meeting industry stakeholders in Opatija with a special focus on the role of Opatija’s convention bureauGoran Pavlovic

Woman Migrants in Management Positions - Alexandra-Elena Slaats (abstract) (full text)

A Wisdom Management Tool for Future Management Tlustos Alice (full text)

CSR or CSV? – A Case Study of E-Vehicle Deployment at A1 Telekom Austria - Ian Foster  

Analysis of Online Publications to Support Financial Decisions - Miloslav Hronec  

Effective Hotel Response Management to Online Service Recovery Calls - Maaike Schoenmakers  

A City’s Brand Personality Created through Blogs: A Case Of Vilnius - Laima Taurinskaite  

“Going green” in the Medical Device Industry? A comparative case study analysis of three US companies - Karla Valdovinos

Municipal solid Waste Management in Croatia - Luka Antunovic

The Social Components of a BankingStrategy – Appearance or Reality? - Christine Maria Brunner  

Price Elasticity of Demand of Luxury Hotels: A Comparative Class Analysis - Marianne Farraj  

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Hospitality Industry – a risk or opportunity for a midsized hotel? - Andreas Goll  and Sebastian Ochs  

Evaluation of future scenarios of Tourism development as predicted by the tourism literature - Ivana Sabo

Female Participation in Politics in Algeria - Mounzer Al Shater

A study of Generation Y: What do five star hotels in German and Austrian cities need to do in order to get and attract this market and how the five star hotel industry will profit from them - Christina Baumer

Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights on the Internet in Bulgaria - Miroslav Emanoilov

Outsourcing vs. Insourcing Key Account Management: The case of Vienna International Hotels & Resorts - Andrie Kuenzli (full text)

Building an Image for Tourist Destinations through Analysis of how Emotions Influence Tourism - Nadja Ludmer

Is ISO 9001: 2008 an Appropriate Framework for the Improvement of the Processes Developed Within Bucharest City Hall? - Mirela Minca

Rational or rationally bounded local public policy: An insight from the youth in Romania - Maria Casiana Nicolae

Democracy in fictitious film plots - Irakli Ninua

Perception of Discrimination - Delia Petrichei

The Impact of Shared Services in Public Procurement Operations on Good Governance - Joerg Strauss

Assessment of Niche Tourism as the Destination Competitive Market Strategy - Oksana Sydor

The potential of internal corporate social responsibility to positively influence socio-economic progress indicators in Albania - Eneida Todhe

Consumer's acceptance of smart meters - Biliana Traianovska

The Effects of Cruising on Sustainable Tourism Development in Dubrovnik, Croatia - Tomislav Dumancic

Guiding Strategies for Sustainability Development of Tourism Destinations in European Cities - Riad Imedjdoubene

Spiritual Tourism: Case Study: The Sopronbánfalva Monastery Presents a New Side of Spiritual Tourism in Hungary - Zsuzsanna Kovács

The Role of Public Relations Officers in Developing Tourism in the Gaza Strip, Palestine: Descriptive and Analytical Study - Mahmoud Mesmeh

Corporate Use of Open Government Data: Economic Values through OGD - Mohammad Mustafa

Combining Social and Semantic Web Technologies to Facilitate Public Relation Processes - Dominik Petro

ERP 3.0 Requirements - Adrijan Radikovic (full text)

Gastronomy as an Attraction in Tourism and the Gastronomy Highlights in the Online Marketing for Tourism Destinations in Europe - Rabab Samy

Setup of Business Intelligence Suites - Mandy Stam

Attractiveness of the Tourism Industry for High School Students - Budimilic Supan

The Reform of the Public Education Sector in Jordan - Areej Dalgamoni

Implementation of the energy saving program in Moscow: a stakeholder analysis - Svetlana Grokhotova

Scenarios for International Aviation until 2025 - Zoe Kara Hili

Tourism in Sudan: A SWOT Analysis - Sanaa Ibrahim

Flattening Effects of Social Media on Organizations - Thomas Lutz

Recommendations for the Optimal Implementation of Mobile Time Management Solutions - Alexandros Osoyos

Structuring co-operations in governance projects: the question of actors, composition and structuring of cooperative government ventures - Alexander Rehbogen (full text)

Clusters in Croatia: Lost in Translation: The Case of the Small Shipbuilding Cluster - Hrvojka Skokovic

Comparative Study of e-tourism between Austria and Hokkaido (Japan) - Akiko Tanaka (full text)

How to develop a successful and sustainable loyalty program in tourism companies - the case of Valamar hotels and resorts - Karmela Viskovic

Interactive Media Facades in the Urban Context - Alexander Wachlowski (full text)

The Impact of Knowledge Management Practices on Institutional Performance: The Case of the Jordanian Governmental Sector - Luna Abaddi

The Quality of the Online Response Behavior Provided by 4 Star Hotels in Europe - Moira Betic (full text)

The Role of Palestinian Universities in Ehancing the Civil Society - Samiah Elwazer

Subjective Well-Being of Tourists - Claudia Eschbacher (full text)

eGovernment and new Public Management: Assisting Reformed Public Administration in Romania - Andreea Gatman

Environmental Impact Assessment as a tool to promote sustainable development: the case of Ethiopia - Nejat Ncube

Barriers to the Successful Implementation of the Balanced Scorecard: The Case of Plava Laguna J.S.C. - Dragan Pujas (full text)

The Influence of Financial Crisis on European City Tourism Predicted by Tourism Experts - Wei Shi (full text)

Social Responsibility of Corporations: General Views and the Case of the Hotel Industry - Alain Achutegui Nunez

The Impacts of Abu Dhabi's Cultural District on Economy and Society - Ebtesam Ali Al-Zayer

Star Wars: The star classification of the Austrian hotel industry - Petra Maria Herbst

Evaluation of hoteliers' balances data - Cristina Ioana Huber (full text)

The Construction of Danube Bridge II and Its Expected Effects on Tourism and the Development of Vidin - Kristina Kirilova

An Image Study of Tallinn as a City Break Destination -  Evelin Tsirk (full text)