Student research activities are primarily expressed by the thesis, which is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree. The thesis represents one of the most important achievements of the student’s entire study experience. By formulating the thesis, the student demonstrates that he/she has understood important theoretical contexts and methods and is capable of dealing with theoretical knowledge in a practical manner. Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral thesis (‘dissertation’) differ in breadth, depth, and size. The central concept behind the thesis is choosing a specific and practical problem and solving it with the knowledge the student has acquired during their studies. Ideally, a master thesis establishes a link between theory and practice.

For a dissertation, a student must also demonstrate that he/she is capable to independently solve an original scientific problem. MODUL University Vienna recognizes the achievements of its students by presenting the titles of all thesis and names of their authors to the public. Hard copies are available in the library and from the year 2009 onwards, a selection of thesis is also available for download.