The Career Center at Modul University Vienna is based in the Student Service Center and is committed to supporting students and alumni throughout their career journeys. The Career Center is here to empower you and help you succeed in your chosen field.

Our Student Service Coordinators aim to foster lifelong relationships with students, extending beyond graduation. We provide a range of services, including continuing education, career guidance, and alumni networking opportunities. Our goal is to connect students with industry partners and facilitate meaningful employment opportunities.

We prioritize student engagement and professional development through a variety of opportunities within the Career Center. . 


“The guidance from Career Center advisors significantly influenced my internship approach, providing valuable insights and strategies for a successful job hunt, including specific guidance on resume and cover letter polishing, significantly influenced my approach to securing an internship/job, enhancing my overall application strategy. I would highly recommend these resources to fellow students; they proved invaluable in securing my internship, offering comprehensive support throughout the process.”

(Tsz Yau Chan – Alice) 

“For the last 6 months, I had an incredible opportunity to be the first Front Office Intern at the renowned Waldorf Astoria Lusail in Doha, Qatar.  

I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to do an internship during my Bachelor’s degree because the program provided an extensive learning and development plan for my career advancement and personal growth.  

During my internship, I was able to synthesize the theoretical knowledge I acquired from my university classes such as internship preparatory course, critical thinking, advanced business communications, consumer behavior, and academic writing during my operational training.  

My time as a Front Office Intern was a transformative and unforgettable experience. After the completion of my internship, I believe that my learning goals and objectives have been achieved. It deepened my passion for hospitality, and I look forward to a promising career in this field.”

(Samita Radat) 

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At Modul University Vienna, we provide valuable support to students in their pursuit of internships and job opportunities. Our dedicated team offers assistance in reviewing resumes and documentation for internship and job applications, ensuring that you present yourself effectively to potential employers.

We go beyond just advice - we connect you with a curated selection of top international partners, opening doors to exciting career prospects. Through our in-house search platform called "JobTeaser," we actively communicate job options tailored to your interests and aspirations. To access a wide range of suitable job opportunities, we encourage you to register on JobTeaser and start exploring your future career path.

Career Events  

Boost your professional networks and meet recruiters at our career-dedicated events!  

Join Career Days and company visits to have the unique opportunity to get in touch with HR professionals and entrepreneurs and to make excellent connections.

JobTeaser × Modul University Vienna

  • 10 000+ job vacancies and internships for young talent  

  • 150+ online and on-site events  

  • Tailored resources and advice

Create a personal account to discover the latest job and internship offers as well as career events and news. Upload your CV/resume and get personalized assistance from your Career Center, to stand out in the job market. Book your appointment for tailor-made career advice and counseling, and find out the best tips to apply for job openings. 


For Companies

Post a job offer or create a company profile now, free of charge! Increase your visibility and find the perfect candidate for your openings.

With a recruiter account you can post jobs/internships occasionally, will be able to track its progress live (when it is validated, how many views it has had, how many students have applied etc.), archive it when necessary, or modify it.

JobTeaser for Recruiters

With a company profile not only will you be able to post job and internship offers, but you will have company profile where you can present your business in more detail.

JobTeaser for Company Profiles


One of the responsibilities of the Student Services Center is providing tailored internship opportunities across multiple sectors and assisting students in job search endeavors.

Curricular internships

Several programs at Modul University Vienna have a mandatory internship included in the curriculum. For curricular internships, students have to complete the Internship Preparatory Course which will equip them with the knowledge and skills they need in order to find and complete the required internship.

We also encourage and facilitate student participation in prestigious international events and competitions, including ITB-Berlin, Young Hotelier Summit-Switzerland, HULT Prize-New York, HYATT Student Prize-Paris, and Accor Take Off-Paris.


We are constantly building and expanding our partner network, ensuring that we offer students a perse and up-to-date range of connections and opportunities to help them launch their careers successfully. 

If you are a business looking to access our talented and exciting students and graduates, find out more about building a business partnership with us 

Our partners 

MU partners up with the Austrian Business Agency to support you in pursuing your career in Austria. 

The ABA provides complimentary support to our students as they navigate the transition from their studies to entering the Austrian labor market. 

The Social Hub: At Modul University, our partnership with the Social Hub extends beyond the ordinary, We collaborate closely for various events, including career-oriented gatherings and student accommodations. Offering versatile spaces for learning, living, work, and leisure, the Social Hub features adaptable work areas, a lively Workcafé & Bar serving delectable treats and beverages, and flexible meeting spaces for events of all sizes. 

OMV: Modul collaborates extensively with OMV, a prominent Austrian multinational operating in oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors. This partnership extends across various initiatives, encompassing engaging company visits, collaborative Career Days, and perse activities fostering student-industry interaction. 

MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL. Marriott, renowned for its luxury, premium, and select brands, stands as one of Modul University's key partners in the hospitality industry. Through this collaboration, our students gain access to a wide array of opportunities to carve their career paths in the dynamic field of tourism. 

PARK HYATT As a partner of Modul University, Park Hyatt offers students an immersive experience to understand the intersection of luxury hospitality and cultural authenticity, shaping their understanding of the industry's perse landscape. 

ZOKU Vienna ,recognized among the "25 coolest hotels globally," by Forbes, offers more than just lodging and workspaces. As one of our partners, it provides those students starting an internship there with an avenue to kickstart their careers in the hospitality sector while relishing the excitement of working in a dynamic international setting. 

TALENT GARDEN VIENNA by keeping in mind the empowerment of people in the digital ecosystem, Modul partners up with TAG Vienna during dedicated career-related events, by fostering personal and professional networking opportunities for our students. 

HILTON  Drawing on its rich history in the hospitality sector since 1925, Hilton stands as one of the world's largest hospitality companies. As partners with MU, Hilton welcomes our students for internships and beyond, nurturing their growth as future leaders in the tourism industry. 

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