Student Spotlight

Abdallah Hammad, Jordan

I am in love with communication skills and studying people. Looking for a university that offers me the chance to indulge more in what I like to do was my initial goal. I found the program online and it caught my attention, firstly because the university atmosphere fulfilled my criteria about communication and it is international so the chances were I was going to meet plenty of people from different countries. I can confidently say now that my criteria has been fulfilled to the maximum and I believe even more. Secondly, because the courses in the program are truly interesting, and I wanted to broaden my knowledge in these subjects. Thirdly, Austria, and Vienna in particular, was my dream destination- with a six-year streak of the city being the world’s most livable, I don’t know whose dream is it not!

The curriculum is very well selected and thought through, and that is well reflected by the placement of subjects and the way they are designed - to be concise and helpful for the future leader. Take a look at the courses and you'll realize that it is just exactly what you think you need and probably even more to go on and build the career you dream of. The greatest highlight to me was the examinations. There is no specific date for all the exams but rather each subject has its own grading system. Some subjects have exams as their main points, but a vast majority do not and the grade is determined largely by presentations and valuable class attendance; the good thing about that is that there is no one week that is crammed with quizzes.

The community at MU is utterly unique in so many ways. With an international setting and the big deal of friendliness and kindness amongst both the staff and the students, Modul becomes quite easily outstanding. At MU the number of students allows for such spectacular conduct and also always makes you feel special for not being treated as a number. The location of MU is genuinely the best in Vienna. The staff at MU are genuinely the best in Vienna. The classes, the cleanliness, the liveliness, the excitement, the sincerity are also genuinely the best in not only Vienna, but the world!

Experience. Life is all about experience and staying at one of the greatest universities certainly does provide you with the most valuable experience, just for having shared a class with a motivated professor and an international student body.