Bachelor Specializations

Specialization: International Marketing



In your first year of studies, you will learn the fundamentals of modern business practices. Introductory courses in financial management, business administration, human resource management, marketing, economics, and European business law prepare you for advanced subjects and your future career.


Successful business requires great communication — further courses will enhance your ability to convey your business ideas and research findings in a professional way. You will boost your communication and presentation skills, improve your academic writing, and further your personal development and networking aptitude. To keep up in the ever-changing business environment, you will learn the key concepts and principles of problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, creativity, and teamwork, as well as how to design, plan and implement your own projects.


Business leaders need to know what online channels are available, where a target audience can be found, what data and tools are at their disposal to reach a specific target group, and how to evaluate the impact of marketing efforts across platforms. In the specialization in Interactive Marketing, you will learn how to promote brands, goods and services, assess and manage their identity and reputation, acquire and retain customers through marketing efforts, coordinate marketing activities across channels, create a community, and involve users in feedback and co-creation.

Why should you choose International Marketing?

This program is the perfect choice for high school graduates (A-level degree, Matura, Abitur, or equivalent) who are looking for a business management degree. You will gain state-of-the-art management competencies and leadership skills in an international context. If you have career aspirations in marketing, sales and public relations, finance, human resource management, or want to start your own business this program would be the ideal choice. You will learn how to develop and implement management strategies, deal with organizational issues related to international business, and manage projects and teams in a global environment. This program approaches international management from various angles including business theory, professional relationships, and problem-solving skills to prepare you for day-to-day management practice.

*title of degree on Diploma: Bachelor of Science in International Management