Data Science: Find out about Programming Languages!

Date: 07/September/2023

In discussion with Cybernews Academy, our esteemed Assistant Professor Dr. Lyndon J B Nixon shared his expertise to help the news outlet unpack the complex and wonderful world of computer languages.

The article ‘Introduction to Programming Languages’ outlines the logistics of programming languages by exploring what they are and how they work. Dr. Nixon suggested that “a programming language should read like a good recipe, as they are instructions that should be executed with commands using English wording”. He explained that if you understand the terminology and the principles of coding, you should be able to create something exceptional. Dr. Nixon highlighted our own foundation course, which would be valuable to gain basic competencies needed to learn these languages. While Dr. Nixon notes that “it’s perfectly fine to learn programming with brute force”, opportunities like the foundation course will also teach students how to write efficient code in a good style. 

Once you’ve learned basics, terminology, and the history, it’s time to start coding. Dr. Nixon explained that most programming languages are multi-purpose as long as someone has created a library of pre-written code. But it’s still important to address what you will use these languages for. Cybernews Academy recommends its readers start by embarking on mini-projects, portfolio projects, and coding challenges. Where can you find these projects? Dr. Nixon suggests using all available online resources, sites like Github, Google Colab, Stock Exchange, and Quora, as well as considering university courses, such as the Foundation Program Technology, a 5-months preparatory program, and BSc Applied Data Science, a 3-year undergraduate program, offered at Modul University Vienna.

Modul University Vienna aims to equip our applied data science students with the skills necessary to assimilate into the industry, and high-demand languages are a present concern for current employers. In this article, Cybernews Academy spotlighted three popular programming languages that have helped develop popular applications across the globe.

The world of programming languages is incredibly complex and difficult to navigate. With the help of our professor, Dr. Lyndon J B Nixon, Cybernews Academy was able to shed light on the topic of programming languages.

You can read the full story on Academy:

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