Research Center of New Media Technology

Welcome to the Research Center of New Media Technology!

Welcome to the Research Center of New Media Technology (NMT), which undertakes interdisciplinary research on knowledge acquisition and management, develops media monitoring and business intelligence applications, and investigates the potential of new media for interactive marketing and building virtual communities.

Prof. DDr. Arno Scharl

Research Focus

Among the leading European research groups in its field, the Research Center of New Media Technology conducts cross-disciplinary research on Web intelligence, knowledge management and visual analytics. It develops advanced success metrics and decision support tools, investigates new forms of communication and collaboration, and showcases its results through award-winning Web portals and social media applications. The department’s faculty couples technological expertise with a strong background in the social and economic sciences.

Main Research Topics

  • Integration of Semantic and Geospatial Web Technologies
  • Visual Analytics for Decision Support
  • Crowdsourcing, Social Innovation and Knowledge Co-Creation
  • Text Mining and Natural Language Processing
  • Multimedia Processing and Interactive Television
  • Context-Aware Services and Applications