Sustainability, Governance, and Methods

Welcome to the School of Sustainability, Governance, and Methods!

Welcome to the School of Sustainability, Governance, and Methods which follows the principles of interdisciplinarity and brings together international faculty from several disciplines who are highly engaged in cutting-edge research and high-quality teaching.

Furthermore, we are responsible for the statistical education at Modul University, but also support staff and students in all kind of methodological questions regarding empirical research.

The following pages will provide an overview about our activities and will hopefully make you more curious about our vision.

Prof. Dr. Sabine Sedlacek, School Head

Educational Goals

Our study programs acquaint students with the skills needed to address the globalization and sustainability challenges of this millennium. The future world needs people with comprehensive knowledge of strategies for sustainability and governance to provide leadership for local and global communities.

Serving different study programs, another pillar is teaching methodological skills needed for empirical science. The focus of these lectures is on understanding methodology, which means getting acquainted to the basic procedures, knowing about their features, being able to implement them by means of professional statistical software and to reflect and interpret the outcomes of statistical reasoning critically. Finally, the ubiquitous role of statistics in science as well as in society is illustrated.