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General MBA / Overview

Course Structure

The MBA program offers courses on a monthly basis throughout the entire academic year starting from October through September. Each course involves two days of interactive seminars led by internationally recognized scholars who share their expertise and encourage participation through a variety of innovative teaching methods. In order to accomodate working professionals, there are no exams in the MBA program at MODUL University. Credits for the courses are granted after successful completion of all three phases.

The schedule is convenient for working professionals, with blocked courses taking place once a month on 2-4 consecutive weekdays and weekends. MBA students who finish all required courses in the first 12 months of the program can complete their degree in 18 months, with six months focused on writing the master’s thesis. An extended format also gives participants the option to increase their study time to 24 months, allowing even more scheduling flexibility and additional time to work on the master’s thesis.

Academic Schedule for 2017_2018