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General MBA / Overview

Academic Schedule for 2018_2019

Dimitris Christopoulos Ivo Ponocny

19OctoberOrientation DayVoluntaryACO, SSC
20-21OctoberMarketing ManagementCoreAstrid Dickinger
14 NovemberMaster Thesis Tutorial II Core Karl Wöber
15-16NovemberDesigning Tourism ExperienceEnrichment

Daniel Fesenmaier

Lidija Lalicic

15-16NovemberSocial Entrepreneurship IEnrichment

Jakob Detering

17-18NovemberBusiness Analytics and Decision Making Core

Dimitris Christopoulos

Ivo Ponocny

17-18NovemberDigital Consumer Behavior Enrichment

Astrid Dickinger

Yuliya Kolomoyets

12DecemberMaster Thesis Tutorial I (Academic Writing)Core

Maria Lord

Arno Scharl

13-14DecemberInformation Systems ManagementCoreChristoph Trattner
13-14DecemberStrategic ManagementEnrichmentTBA
15-16DecemberSocial Entrepreneurship IIEnrichmentJakob Detering
24-25JanuaryManagerial Economics ICoreCind Du Bois
24-25JanuaryThe Sharing EconomyEnrichment

Irem Önder

26-27JanuaryData Collection and AnalysisCore

Dimitris Christopoulos

Ivo Ponocny

20FebruaryOrientation DayVoluntaryACO, SSC
21-22FebruaryProject ManagementCoreMichael Popp
23-24FebruaryInnovationCoreKathrin Reinsberger
23-24FebruarySocial Media MarketingEnrichmentAstrid Dickinger

Master Thesis Tutorial I

(Academic Writing)


Maria Lord

Arno Scharl

21-22MarchInteractive MarketingEnrichmentMarion Garaus
21-22MarchSmart DestinationsEnrichmentIrem Önder
25-26AprilCompetitive Analysis and StrategyCoreRobert Morgan
27-28AprilGreen Business StrategiesEnrichmentSabine Sedlacek
25-28AprilEntrepreneurship CapstoneEnrichmentDimitris Christopoulos, Lidija Lalicic
23-24MayDifferent Dimensions of Sustainable DevelopmentEnrichmentIvo Ponocny
26JuneOrientation DayVoluntaryACO, SSC
26JuneMaster Thesis Tutorial IICore

Karl Wöber

27-28JuneStorytelling and BrandingEnrichmentLidija Lalicic
27-28JuneBig Data and Decision SupportEnrichmentJürgen Pfeffer
29-30JuneNetwork Analysis for BusinessEnrichment

Dimitris Christopoulos

Ivo Ponocny

29-30JuneFinancial Management and ReportingCoreGraeme Rankine
25-26JulyManaging People, Teams and OrganizationsCoreJacek Mironski



Arno Scharl

Lyndon Nixon

22-23AugustFinancing New VenturesEnrichment

Stefan Köppl

Doris Agneter

24-25AugustSocial Media IntelligenceCore

Arno Scharl

12-15SeptemberSelection of enrichment courses TBDEnrichmentTBA
19-20September EntrepreneurshipCore

Laura Galloway

21-22SeptemberNegotiation and Dispute ResolutionCoreBrian Hutchinson
21-22SeptemberEuropean Union PoliciesEnrichmentBernd Schuh