Bachelor Specializations

Specialization: Business Psychology

Combine Business Studies with Psychology

The specialization in Business Psychology will introduce you to multiple aspects of psychology that provide the foundation for developing a well-reflected view of human thought, feeling, and behavior. This base serves as a tool that facilitates real-world applications of psychological concepts in professional work environments.

Courses ranging from Occupational and Organizational Psychology to Consumer Psychology allow you to explore a wide range of in-depth concepts that enlighten you on the principles of workplace satisfaction and stress, group dynamics and social learning, behavioral learning and consumer decisions. These core teachings emphasize the importance of individual and group psychology theories. To expand on the theoretical knowledge gained in these courses, a more robust and scientific approach is employed in the Assessment Methods in Psychology course that allows students to acquire deep insights into the characteristics, objectives, and challenges of psychological testing.

The MU approach to Business Psychology is a holistic one that covers areas often overlooked in such specializations, preparing you to become someone that not only understands psychological theories, but also someone who can apply these theories for practical purposes in both your personal and professional facets of life.


Why should you choose Business Psychology?

This program is the perfect choice for high school graduates (A-level degree, Matura, Abitur, or equivalent) who are looking for a specialization in business psychology. You will gain an in-depth understanding of psychological theories and associative testing procedures, while business remains at the forefront of the specialization. If you have career aspirations in marketing, psychological research and testing, academia, and/or a drive to reach managerial positions then this program is the ideal choice for you! In addition to gaining comprehensive foundational knowledge of psychological concepts, you will learn how to develop and implement management strategies associated why employees, other business leaders, and yourself behave in certain ways, contributing to a better understanding of the choices consumers and decision-makers make.

This program approaches business psychology from various angles including psychological theory, professional & personal relationships, psychological testing, consumer choice, individual and collective behavior, while developing problem-solving skills to prepare you for day-to-day interactions and decision making and to improve your leadership and analytic qualities.

*title of degree on Diploma: Bachelor of Science in International Management